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    Using Flash w/907x

    Using a phono pin (2.5 or 3.5mm) and/or PC socket to trigger a flash does not allow TTL. The connection is just a simple trigger circuit. It's no different than shorting the pins on the bottom of the radio trigger yourself with a piece of wire. It's as 'dumb' a trigger method as exists. TTL...
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    The great tripod & head thread!

    I've played with adding legs to existing Novo legs or using a short leg as an emergency center column on a regular basis. The tops of all the legs are 1/4-20" male on a small 'shoulder' for stability and the bottoms are 3/8-16" female. If using 1/4-20 to 3/8-16" adapters, try and use the...
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    The great tripod & head thread!

    We use the Novo compact and the Pro75 with a gripped GFX and H5D-40 and love them. we also picked up a set of short legs. The construction is top-notch and the modularity makes the system exceptionally flexible and packing much easier. The ability to whip a leg off for use as a monopod can...
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    SOLD: Hasselblad HC 120 Macro Mark II Lens US$1600

    US$1600 - a hell of a price for one hell of a lens. Just wish I had more need for it.
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    SOLD: Hasselblad HC 120 Macro Mark II Lens US$1600

    Bump, and lets try US$1650 (same terms as op) for giggles.
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    Issue with GF 120mm Macro?

    In looking at the rainbow-esque effect of the line it may be the way light is reflecting off of the 'glossy yet textured' plastic of the cap. I'd try shooting something else black or shoot the cap from directly above. weird.
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    SOLD Fotodiox Pro Mamiya 645 -> Fuji G Adapter US$80

    My apologies, it was sold and I forgot to pull the ad. Great adapter though.
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    SOLD: Hasselblad HC 120 Macro Mark II Lens US$1600

    This glass is starting to feel like the pretty girl at the dance no one wants to ask... Lets try US$1700 and give it a home where it will see proper use.
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    Rare Hasselblad Macro Converter H US$745

    Lets try US$745 for giggles.
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    Rare Hasselblad Macro Converter H US$745

    Up at us$795
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    SOLD: Hasselblad HC 120 Macro Mark II Lens US$1600

    Price now US$1750.
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    Hasselblad vs GFX system

    We use the H5D-40 and GFX50S. Not a direct comparison to what you're looking at, but our 'findings' have been interesting. I do tend to agree on the impact of the lenses on images - the GF lens are very, very sharp and Images can look 'crisp'. BUT, you have the added benefit with Fuji of using...
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    FS: (Can/US) Mindshift Gear Backlight Elite 45L Backpack

    Gorgeous and comfortable backpack. Almost like new. Never worn in anger as was acquired for a C19-cancelled shoot. I won't go through all the features of this very well respected and reviewed bag as they are readily available online. Comes with all parts as from factory. No rips, tears, or...
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    how to use Broncolor Para with Profoto strobes for hair and backdrop.

    If don't want to slave, the RFS 2.2 (re-purposed Godox) transmitter has a pass-thru hot shoe on top. Just pop the Profoto AiR (I assume) on it and both will trigger. I've owned the Bron dual hot shoe bracket and it is VERY costly for what it is - and some remotes may not fit side-by-side on it.
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    WTB: Compagnon Element Backpack - Sand

    Title says it all. We all have bags hiding somewhere we don't use, so looking for a very clean copy of the above, shipping to Nova Scotia, Canada.
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    SOLD: Hasselblad HC 120 Macro Mark II Lens US$1600

    bump for great glass