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  1. Erik Five

    Nikon Fm2 Half frame

    Anyone else has three of these? :grin::cool:
  2. Erik Five

    FS: Hassy 503CW Ruby Red

    Hasselblad 503CW Ruby Red Medium Format SLR Film Camera Body Only. Used and in good working condition. Not a lot of wear. See pics. Working as it should. It was a gift from a Hassy dealer here in Norway and the Millenium dark slide was included. I do believe that the Ruby Red Millenium had a...
  3. Erik Five

    WTB: Minolta Dimage 5400 mkI filmholder

    Anyone have one of these lying around that they don´t use? I live in Norway, Europe, so has to be shipped here.
  4. Erik Five

    Yellow Hasselblad 903SWCE, 38mm, finder and case for sale.

    Hi guys Long time no see. ;) I have something special for sale here today. Yellow Hasselblad 903SWCE, 38mm, finder and case for sale. "Hasselblad SWC with attached motor drive, made as special order from 1985 to 2000. Only a few tens of copies. This one was sold in 1995." Hasselblad 903 SWCE...
  5. Erik Five

    WTB. Luigi shoulder strap or wriststrap.

    Pref: Rally, Fox, Brown/Cognac or Desert in color. I live in Norway so it needs to be sent here. Cheers Erik
  6. Erik Five

    Leica S to the Faroe Islands

    Hi I´m currently on the Faroe Islands with a Leica S2. I have posted the last four days on my blog. You can check it out here: threesixfivedays | Ill shoot pics every day and update this blog a couple of times a week. Two more days to go. All images with the 35 f:2.5. Cheers
  7. Erik Five

    WTB BP MP or BP MP Classic

    WTB BP MP or BP MP Classic Pref with brassing. This is for a friend of mine and he misses his old brassed MP that he sold a couple of years ago. Everything must work as it should. The price should reflect the condition. Has to be sent to Norway, Europe. Send me a pm or a email on...
  8. Erik Five

    Might wtb black Contax T3

    Anyone have one for sale? Send me a PM or email at fotograf at erikfive dot com Wear is fine. Must be working and glass needs to be 100%. Thanks.
  9. Erik Five

    WTB: Krass Clement - Drum

    Probably a long shot, but I´m looking for Krass Clement´s - Drum from 1996. Please don´t post in this thread, but send PM or email at fotograf at erikfive dot com Thanks!
  10. Erik Five

    FS: Leica Noctilux f:1 6-bit, hood, box + extras

    I have for sale a nice looking Noctilux f:1. Not the last one with pull out hood, but the one before. Its not mint. It has some cosmetic wear, but overall a nice looking lens for its age. The glass is 100%. Everything is nice. No haze, fungus, oil on blades etc. It was serviced, focus adjusted...
  11. Erik Five

    FS: Black Paint 35 Summicron Asph. 6-bit

    FS: Leica Black Paint 35 Summicron Asph. 6-bit in Solms a couple of years ago and Cla´d and adjusted in Solms a month ago. Not used since I got it back. Very moderate wear. A little bit on the underside on the f-ring. You can see the brass just starting to come through. A little bit of...
  12. Erik Five

    Might wtb black glossy rapidwinder for M2

    Wear is welcome since the black M2 has a lot of wear.
  13. Erik Five

    WTB: Magnum or Wasserman rewind crank

    WTB: Magnum or Wasserman rewind crank. Or similar? I´m not after the newer Leica one as long as I cant get a hold of a Magnum or Wasserman. I want the longer ones so I can use them with thin gloves. Need to be black. Cosmetic wear is fine since its going on a beat up black M2 anyway. Thanks...
  14. Erik Five

    WTB: leica 12587 hood

    WTB: leica 12587 hood Thanks!
  15. Erik Five

    FS: Leica 21 Elmarit 2.8 late pre asph 6-bit with Leica finder 1850$

    FS: Leica 21 Elmarit 2.8 late pre asph 6-bit with Leica finder 1850$. Serial 3685129 so made in 1995 I believe. It has the never font and white box. Its complete with: Lens Hood Front and rear cap Papers Leather case(looks unused) Plastic bags that the lens came in, inside the leather case...
  16. Erik Five

    WTB high quality E60 ND filter for Noctilux.

    WTB high quality E60 ND filter for Noctilux. Glass must be 100%. Cosmetic wear is ok. Thanks!
  17. Erik Five

    Testing waters. WTB/WTT bp M4. Pref worn

    Ok. I just want to see if someone has one for sale. Im not looking for a like new camera at a insane price, but hopefully a user camera at a fair price. Let me know either way and I will consider it. I had a perfectly worn one some years ago and I regret selling it. I do have a Nice chrome M4...
  18. Erik Five

    WTB luigi or A&A strap or both

    WTB luigi or A&A strap or both I want to buy a Luigi or A&A strap or both. Can also be interested in a halfcase, but not sure about that yet. Make me an offer. Not sure about color preferences , but let me know what you got. I live in Norway, Europe so obviously the stuff needs to be sent...
  19. Erik Five

    WTB: ODO YAKUZA TOKYO Book by Anton Kusters

    Anyone? Send me a PM or a direct email at fotograf at erikfive dot com Thanks!
  20. Erik Five

    FS: Leica 50 Summilux E46 pre asph Black paint Millennium

    This lens has been used. It doesnt have any nicks or such, but you can see from the pics that the black paint is wearing of at just the right spots from being handled some thousand times. There is some dust on the front element in the pics, but I promise that the front element is spotless. I can...