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    Leica M Summilux 21/1.4 ASPH & Optional 21/24/28 Finder

    M21/1.4 with caps and shade. Very clean E++, smooth focus throw, crisp aperture clicks stops. Lettering crisp and clean. No box. (box lost in move, and IF found will ship free). Unlike many M wides, this retrofocus 21 works extremely well on mirrorless cameras! M 21/1.4 ASPH: $4,575...
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    Leica M-90/2.8, Germany, Last Version

    Leica 90/2.8 Elmarit-M, E-46, Excellent condition. Was CLAed a few years ago and focus is dead on. Buttery focus, perfect click stops, built-in pull-out shade stays in position. No pouch or box, not 6 bit coded. One of the best M lenses for the money available. Beautiful portrait rendition...
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    Photography Gets Deader By The Minute.

    Yep, it's all over except for the eulogy ... All our expensive gear is fast becoming paper weights. - Marc :facesmack:
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    Techart AF Leica M to Sony E adapter question:

    So, is anyone else using the Techart AF M Adapter? Got one recently and I've done a few no-brainer "tourist test" days with it on a Sony A7R-II using a M21/1.4 ASPH, M35/1.4 ASPH (pre FLE version), and a M75/2 AA. So far I'm impressed, even though I'm not sure I'm using it correctly.:rolleyes...
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    A Mount Love?

    All the hubbub regarding the "Mini-Me" Sony cameras had me wondering if there will be a A99 replacement? Despite having a A7R, this platform is still my work-horse system and I have a lot of lenses for it. What has recently given me some reason to think some newer A Mount version may be in...
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    F/S: Profoto D4 2400R Pack

    Profoto D4 2400R … 2400W/s studio pack. It is the "R" version with Pocket Wizard radio built-in (conveniently works with Sekonic PW equiped flash meter). This pack was the back-up unit to my other D4 2400R, so has seen very little duty … extremely clean, low mileage. Everything functions to...
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    F/S: Hasselblad HC-100/2.2 Lens

    This H/C 100/2.2 is in EX++ condition and was CLAed by Hasselblad approx a year and a half ago, then used lightly since then. Complete w/caps. in pouch (I think I have the box), GREAT LENS on a Hassey H or a Leica S2/S camera. $1,950. shipped CONUS. Contact me if interested...
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    F/S: Leica S2-P Body, H to S adapter.

    Later model Leica S2-P Recently inspected, brought up to spec, and cleaned by Leica Germany. Most recent firmware installed to improve various functions including AF. Mint-, only used by one owner. Low use, not a studio production camera. (S2-P has Sapphire LCD glass) Comes complete in box...
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    Tethering a A7R?

    Can this be done? We are integrating Hensel's Freemask system using Mask Integrator software which eliminates the tedious task of outlining complex subjects. It requires that the camera be tethered to a computer. My A7R is at a different location right now so I can't work out if it is...
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    F/S: Imacon 949 Scanner

    Again, I am helping out a friend who bought my Imacon 949 scanner and now is selling it for other pursuits. I was the first new owner, so we know the history. In fact this scanner was secured just before Hasselblad re-branded and re-skinned it as a Hasselblad product, so it is as recent an...
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    Report: i40 flash on A7 Cameras

    Nissin i40 speed-light arrived yesterday afternoon. First impression was … :wtf:this box is so small:) True to that promise, I was pleasantly surprised by the size of the flash, and how well proportioned it is to my tiny A7R. Here are the PROS::thumbup: Comes with all the accessories like...
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    Lackluster Photokina?

    Is it just me, or a lot of folks disappointed by Photokina announcements? I can't recall this weak of a PK. Seems like PKs of past had the forum all a twitter. Maybe our expectations are outrunning technology? Meh, news from Leica. CMOS S but no boost in resolution, and they've uglified the...
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    Need CF card recovery advice for S2 images!

    Here is a post I placed on another Leica specific site, but there may be more folks here that can offer advice … Please! My S2 is in Germany getting the hot-shoe replaced, and a few other niggling fixes. Leica USA graciously loaned me a S2 for an important shoot that I did yesterday. (As a...
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    Sony Service Experiences?

    Okay, Sony are aggressively moving toward a higher end user base … some of which rely on their cameras more than others. I've been using Sony as my work horse system now for 6 years. Two A900s and now the A99 and A7R. So far I've not needed any service, warranty or after warranty. However...
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    "Grays the Mountain Sends"

    EPF 2013 Finalist: Bryan Schutmaat's Essay produced with a Large Format camera. Worth a look! bryan schutmaat – grays the mountain sends | burn magazine - Marc
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    Something Wicked This Way Comes.

    Mark Weir from Sony hinted at "Something Wicked This Way Comes." when he mentioned that Sony will announce camera(s) that have never been made before. I think Sony smells blood in the water, and is ramping up their juggernaut for more industry shockers. Just for kicks and giggles, what do we...
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    ACR 8.4 supports more Sony cameras/lenses

    Just reported by SonyAlphaRumors: Adobe release candidate Camera RAW 8.4 New A5000 and A6000 supported Unfortunately the FE24-70/4 doesn't seem to be amongst them. :( Hope it is added to the final release version. For CC and CS6: Sony E PZ 18-200mm F3.5-6.3 OSS Sony E Sony 20mm F2.8 Sony...
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    New Hasselblad HV (A99) - Marc
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    A7R is officially sliding toward obsolescence.

    Not that obselence isn't a fact of life with all these camera lately ;) A SR4 level rumor has surfaced that the next iteration of the A mount cameras will sport a brand new EFV with an increase of resolution to 4mio dot. :eek: How long before that appears in an A7RX? Two new FF A mount SLTs...
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    Most "Conflicted" Camera Ever?

    Maybe the title should have read ... "Most Conflicted Camera Buyer Ever", so, dear friends, bear with me please :ROTFL: Like many of us on Get Dpi ... I'm willing to take a leap with new tech if it can add something ... or in the case of a really small camera like the A7/A7R, subtract...