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  1. Quentin_Bargate

    Sigma 35mm F/2 "I" lens on the S1r

    One way to check the performance on these new small Sigma lenses, which appear to be a great choice for travel, landscapes, etc, is to try them out on a high resolution camera like the Lumix S1r. So that is what I did today in London. I'm delighted with this lens and its 24mm sister lens. To...
  2. Quentin_Bargate

    GFX100S shutter failure

    Unfortunately my Fuji GFX100S shutter has failed. This seems to be a relatively common problem, so I would be interested if any other member's camera has suffered a similar fate. The good news is that Park Cameras who supplied the camera here in the UK did not quibble have been refunded the...
  3. Quentin_Bargate

    Blue Tit

    Let's look forward in hope and expectation of better times to come - rather like this blue tit, who flew into a closed window and stunned itself, hung upside down on a branch for some 30 minutes while it recovered it's composure and then flew off soon afterwards. Taken with a Lumix S1r, and...
  4. Quentin_Bargate


    S1r, Sigma 85mm f/1.4 @ f/1.4, ISO1000.
  5. Quentin_Bargate

    Capture One 12

    I'm new to Capture One - this may be a beginner's question with that software, so apologies in advance. Patience is advised.... When processing a new previosuly unprocessed raw file in C1, then exporting as a TIFF and opening in Photoshop, its all good. Excellent in fact. However...
  6. Quentin_Bargate

    DJI Mavic Pro Shots

    I'm new to drones, but I think I may use them quite frequently in the future. These are from the DJI Mavic Pro Overhead still test shots of our house at Christmas:
  7. Quentin_Bargate

    Pentax K1, using pixel shift and studio LED lights.

    If you use a K1, you probably appreciate the benefits of using Pixel Shift when possible. The major limiting obstacle is the unfortunate fact that the K1 cannot (easily - there are workarounds) be used with studio strobes. I have a small studio kitted out with Bowens monoblocs which I have...
  8. Quentin_Bargate

    Fun with images taken with the Pentax K1

    Hopefully, an unambiguous thread title :) A thread for images from the Pentax K1 only, taken with any make of lens Here are two taken today with the Pentax 100mm Macro:
  9. Quentin_Bargate

    New Hasselblad 100mp sensor camera soon to be launched.

    I don't believe this has been mentioned already here, but respected commercial photographer Carl Taylor, a long time Hasselblad user, has reported on his Facebook page that he has seen the specs of a new Hasselblad 100mp Camera and that he will get his hands on one in March...
  10. Quentin_Bargate

    16-35mm Inconsistent edge performance from shot to shot

    A recent test has confirmed what i had suspected based on other images - that I am seeing wildly different edge performance with my 16-35mm F/4 Zeiss from one shot to another, even though the centres look equally sharp. Here is what I mean (not exact crops but you will see the point) Here...
  11. Quentin_Bargate

    Au Revoir

    Dear All It's been (mostly) fun, but following the nonsense with the Sigma "Enduring Issues" thread, including its premature locking, which indiscriminately punishes innocent and guilty alike, I am giving these forums a long break. Some of the best photographers I have had the privilege to...
  12. Quentin_Bargate

    Sigma DP0 Quattro shots

    There is a gallery of sample of images from the DP0 Quattro now available SIGMA dp0 Quattro | 株式会社シグマ
  13. Quentin_Bargate

    Sigma Quattro series - Enduring issues

    Sigma have just released a firmware upgrade for the Quattro series and a new version of Sigma Photo Pro, version 6.2.1. Yesterday I upgraded both software and firmware. There does seem to be some real improvement in shadow detail, but so far as I can see, there is no improvement in the...
  14. Quentin_Bargate

    Rants of the Year 2014

    Please, can no manufacturer of interchangeable lens cameras (below MF in sensor size) release a new camera line without launching some FAST primes at the same time? I am a little fed up with F/4 zooms or even F/2.8 "fast" lenses. F/2 is not truly "fast". Fast means at least F/1.4. My...
  15. Quentin_Bargate

    Sigma DP1 Quattro Shots

    Start the ball rolling.
  16. Quentin_Bargate

    hasselblad H back on a tech camera - options?

    Dear All I tried to get an answer to this question on the Luminous Landscape forum, but sadly not much from that source as yet. I am considering what the best options might be for using my Hassy H5D 200MS back on a technical camera in the field (i.e. not the studio). I will need tilt, shift...
  17. Quentin_Bargate

    H5D-200MS single versus multishot difference

    OK so its raining outside and to alleviate the boredom, I thought I would try and see how great the differences are between a single shot taken with the Hassy 200MS, i.e. a 50mp shot, rezzed up to the same size as a shot taken immediately afterwards using the full resolution of this camera. Not...
  18. Quentin_Bargate

    Sigma DP2 Quattro Shots

    A couple of years ago, I started a thread on the then new Sigma DP2 Merrill camera. I was very impressed by the image quality. Today, I took delivery of its successor, the DP2 Quattro, and, as with the DP2M, I decided to take a few casual shots over lunch to form a first view of the image...
  19. Quentin_Bargate

    Nikon PC-E 24mm / D800E stitching experiment

    A quick experiment to produce an even larger file (70mp) stiching three shifted images on a D800E (link to large jpeg file) using the Nikon 24mm F/3.5 PC-E lens Kitchen Image And a smaller version Sorry for the messy kitchen :p Bear in mind that this is a kitchen in a very old house where...
  20. Quentin_Bargate

    DP2 /1 Merrill flash options

    Has anyone tried using a Nikon SB800 flash with the Merrills? I don't want to damage the camera but it might be a choice in non-TTL mode. Alternatvely has anyone tried the larger Sigma guns in TTL mode on a DP2 / 1 Merrill? I will want bounce flash so I am ruling out the small dedicated...