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  1. doug

    FS: Sony a7rIII

    Selling my a7rIII in excellent working condition. The camera has very minor paint wear on edges and corners. No known functional problems. Includes box, (1) battery, charger, IB, (4) 64GB SD cards. Asking $1500 plus shipping to USA address.
  2. doug

    photokina :(
  3. doug

    z7 & 500 PF?

    Is anyone using these together? Seems like it would be a good setup for longer hikes.
  4. doug

    new-to-me toy! a7rIII

    Just arrived today from my usual pusher. Favorite feature so far? The menu option to change the direction the shutter speed dial turns! I couldn't re-program my brain after 30 years of Leica-R shutter speed dials.
  5. doug

    tell me about the FE 100-400 GM

    I've noticed that the FE 100-400 GM has decent MTF and is smaller and weighs less than my beloved Leica 280mm f/4 APO and I started thinking, which could be a bad thing for my piggy bank. Any user experience? I especially welcome comparisons with the 280 APO, experience with the 1.4x and 2x...
  6. doug

    another a7II to a7rII upgrade question

    I'm evaluating an a7rII to supplement and possibly replace my a7II and have found that the a7rII gives me more aliasing in fine feather detail than the a7II does, and I suspect it's due to the lack of an AA filter. Has anyone else encountered this? Any remedies?
  7. doug

    EF adapter for the SL

    Novoflex: Leica SL / Canon EOS AF Adapter - Leica Forum Blog
  8. doug

    Please compare a7II, a7rII

    Aside from the MP and size of file differences i.e., the viewfinder: the a7II shimmers when a detailed subject is in focus, does the a7rII do the same? electronic shutter: the a7II is sufficiently responsive for my needs when the electronic first curtain is enabled but it fails at shutter...
  9. doug

    Viewpoint Gallery, Sacramento

    I'll be showing several of my photographs during the month of May 2016 at Viewpoint Photographic Art Center, 2015 J Street Sacramento California. More details as the date approaches.
  10. doug

    Please explain the purpose of the AA filter

    What's the point of an AA filter (on the a7II) if I get this?
  11. doug


    Long-time Leica-R user here looking at making a switch. What I like about my Leica-R equipment: fabulous image quality, from both lenses and the DMR good manual focus capability great personal service from Leica USA's staff what I don't like: horrific service/repair cost and downtime few...
  12. doug

    Sony a65 and lenses

    Selling for a friend, excellent or better condition: Sony A65 body with body cap, box, CD, IB and third-party manual - $475 Sony SAM 18-135 zoom with caps, excellent condition, front element covered with UV filter $275 Sony SAL 18-55 zoom with caps, front element covered with UV filter - $35...
  13. doug

    Sony a65 system + Novoflex 400mm lens

    complete Novoflex 400mm T-Noflexar lens, includes 400mm f/5.6 T-Noflexar lens head with hood & front cap Aperture unit PIGRIFF-C rapid-focus grip with built-in variable extension tube PISTOCK-C shoulder stock ARCA-style QR plate adapters for Nikon F and Leica-R home-made electric release...
  14. doug

    FS: Leica-R lenses

    100mm f/2.8 APO-Macro-Elmarit-R 3-cam with STA-1 tripod ring and ARCA-style QR plate Excellent condition $2095 OBO 1:1 ELPRO for 100 APO lens, essentially unused $500 180mm f/2.8 APO-Elmarit-R ROM plus 2nd cam (for Leicaflex SL) with STA-1 tripod ring and ARCA-style QR plate. Early version...
  15. doug

    300mm f/4.5 Nikkor*ED AI

    I'm selling my 300mm f/4.5 Nikkor*ED AI: the very scarce pre-IF model about which Bjørn Rørslett writes "... a truly remarkable performer even by today's standards. It excels even near wide open and the impressive quality holds up well down to f/16." This lens shows significant use and has...
  16. doug

    FS: Sony zooms

    Selling for a friend: Sony A-mount SAL1835 18-35mm zoom with rear cap, UV filter and third party hood. Was purchased used recently 'as new' and appears to be in excellent condition. I do not have a means to test the lens but I am told it works well. Seller tells me this zoom range doesn't...
  17. doug

    WTB: Leica-R electric release

    Catalog #14254, for Leica-R motor drive or winder or DMR.
  18. doug

    January show in Sacramento

    For those who will be near Sacramento California from January 10 to February 3 I'll be showing my photos at Gallery 2110, 2110 K Street in Sacramento.
  19. doug

    Looking for Leica-R APO

    Either 280mm f/4 APO-Telyt-R (backup while the primary its taking its biennial vacation in Allendale) or modular 400mm f/4 APO-Telyt-R. User condition is fine, I care more about optical and mechanical function. PM me please.
  20. doug

    A900 comparisons

    A900 users - what do you like about the camera, what other full-frame DSLR cameras have you used, and how do you like the viewfinder for manual focus?