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    WTT: Alpagon 23 for Alpagon 32

    I have the Alpagon 23mm with center filter in excellent condition. It's in Copal 0 which was recently serviced by Rodenstock. Looking to switch to the Alpagon 32 in Copal 0 (preferably SB) as I would like to have a larger image circle for shooting film. I'm sure this is a long shot as both...
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    WTB: Voigtlander 15mm viewfinder

    Looking for the metal/latest version Regards, Tyler
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    Help - Zeiss Hologon T* 16mm Contax to Leica conversion

    Can anyone recommend somewhere that will convert a 16mm Hologon lens from the original Contax mount to the Leica M mount? I see various DIY kits and pre-converted copies for sale. But, I'd prefer to find a good original copy and have the conversion done by a knowledgable professional...
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    FS: Voigtlander 15mm SL Heliar (F mount) + shoe base accessory

    Would like to sell these items together as they are intended to be used together. So, best price is for the combo. However if you only want one or the other, I'll split the items. 10/10 condition for everything here. I'll miss having these, but I'm a Leica guy now. Sale of Voigtlander 15mm...
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    WTB: Alpa/Hasselblad 'V' adapter (HAA - 190.010.012)

    Anyone selling?
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    WTB: Hasselblad C12 film back and 'V' adapter for Alpa

    Anyone have a nice copy (or 2) of the C-type Hasselblad film magazine they'd part with? I'd like to try mounting on my Alpa TC. *Also looking for the Alpa (HAA - 190.010.012) adapter as well. Thanks! Tyler
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    WTB: Leica Universal polarizing filter (13356)

    Looking for a well cared for version with the original accessories/adapters/box/case...
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    FS: My entire Nikon System

    I switched to Leica for small format, so my Nikon stuff is now for sale. Any imperfections are disclosed in this ad, but I assure you all items are well cared for and in superb condition regardless if they are new or old. Supporting pics to come soon, but here's the list: 1. Nikon D800E...
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    WTB: Really Right Stuff B30 plate (for film Leica M)

    RRS discontinued this 2 years ago. Is anyone selling one?
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    Leica M-A tripod plate

    I'm the happy new owner of a lovely black M-A and 35mm Summicron. Even though this camera feels so good in the hand, I like having the option to use a tripod when I'm shooting. Really Right Stuff was my first go-to for a plate but it looks like their custom option for this body (B30) was...
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    WTB/FS/FT: Wine country camera adapter rings

    Need to add a 49mm, 55mm, or 58mm adapter ring to my set. Would be happy to buy used before ordering a new one. *If anyone needs a 77mm or 82mm adapter ring, I'm not using mine anymore. Would be able to sell/trade if interested. Perfect condition.
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    WTB: Alpa/Linhof Film back

    Looking for a the discontinued 6x6 (220.010.040?) version. Or if too hard to find, then maybe 6x9 for the greater coverage and option to crop. If anyone is selling, please PM me. Thanks, Tyler
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    WTB: SK/Alpa APO-Helvetar - 28mm or 43mm

    If anyone has either in good condition for sale, please PM me. Looking for Alpa mount w/copal 0. References pages: Would be interested in the center filters too...
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    Alpa 6x6

    I've been toying with the idea of shooting 6x6 with my Alpa for a long time and I think I'm finally ready to start pursuing it earnestly. This will mean selecting a new (to me) lens as nothing I have now will cover the format. Something in the slightly wide range of focal length probably. I'm...
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    WTB: Voigtlander Ultra Wide-Heliar 12mm F5.6 SL (Nikon)

    Had the 15 and am feeling nostalgic for it. Would like to try out the 12mm on my F2 if anyone has one to sell. Thanks, Tyler
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    WTB: Cable shutter release for copal

    Had some unfortunate luck and (to make a long story short) need to replace the release cable for my Alpa kit. Maybe someone here is fancy and has switched to e-shutter/aperture only units and has a cable that needs a home? Looking for a quality/reliable one (Alpa, Linhof, ...), & not too short...
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    Protection for Alpa lenses

    Despite having procured a well constructed camera backpack, I can't help feeling a little uneasy hiking around and working out of it with unprotected, and delicate lenses. Yes, it's well padded inside the bag, but it just feels wrong placing lenses directly into the dedicated compartment totally...
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    WTB: extra 3400 mAh batteries for phase one (IQ) back.

    I'm going on a long trip and think I'll need more than the 2 I already have. Anyone want to sell some used ones? *I'm in the U.S. and will need them in the next week or two. Thanks, Tyler
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    WTB: Alpa/Schneider 120mm Helvetar asph. SB34

    Haven’t seen one on here, but thought I’d ask.
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    Schneider Kreuznach 120mm variations (for tech cam)

    I've been looking at tech cam lenses with medium-longer focal length to add to my Alpa kit. The SK-120mm image samples I've seen here and other places have caught my eye many times. They seem very sharp with a pleasing characteristics in their results. Does anyone here have experience with...