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  1. cgastelum

    SOLD ---Xpro2-23mm graphite + Fuji Lenses, xxx, 35mm and 50mm

    Hi, I am simplifying my camera set up and would like to sell the following: Fuji XF 35mm F1.4 = $SOLD Fuji XF 16mm F2.8 = $SOLD Fuji XF 50mm F2.0 = $SOLD Fuji X-PRO2 + 23MM graphite with Kenji Leather half case. and 2 extra third party batteries = $1350 Discounts if you buy more than 2 items...
  2. cgastelum

    WTB ALPA HO Adapter

    Hi Anyone with an ALPA/ Horseman adapter for sale? let me know, thanks.
  3. cgastelum

    Billingham Bag, Gnarbox, Polaroid and more

    Hi, Making some space in the house and have the following for sale: 1. Billingham Hadley Pro with optional shoulder pad (some rub-marks on back from use) = $175.00 2. Polaroid Sun600 + 1 pack of color film = $75 3. Third party ALPA Mamiya/Phase one adapter (Plate sold) + 8 pin cable to...
  4. cgastelum

    FS: Alpa Mamiya/Phase adapter

    Hi, I recently sold my Credo back and no longer need this Alpa adapter and cable. The Alpa -Mamiya/phase adapter is third party but works well. I used it with my Credo 50 back with no issues. The main difference from this and the original Alpa, is the fact that this cheaper version has no...
  5. cgastelum

    FS: GFX 50s + 110 F2 + 50 F3.5 + extras

    Hi, For sale my pristine GFX-50s body (Shutter count <4500 ) with 2 batteries, L bracket and all original accessories. = $3500 GF110mm F2, like new, used in only one shoot/event. with UV filter = $2200 GF 50mm + Minolta 28mm with gfx adapter + 20mm macro extension tube = $800 all prices...
  6. cgastelum

    FS: Leaf Credo 50

    Hi, For sale Credo 50 mamiya mount. I'm the second owner of this back, image count= 21,232 back is in excellent condition, It includes 2 batteries, small wall charger, usb tether cable, White LCC card and small pelican case. last 2 samples are images taken with this back on my Alpa SWA +...
  7. cgastelum

    Want to Trade: GFX 50s for GFX 50R

    I'm looking to see if anyone is interested in trading an excellent condition Fuji GFX 50S for a similar condition GFX50R. I really like the 50s for using longer glass and originally got it so I could use the tilt adapter; but recently I have been shooting only 64mm or wider and never got...
  8. cgastelum

    Fs: Nikon f-3 + 35mm f2 excellent condition

    Hi, Doing some clean up I decided to finally sell my dear Nikon F-3 HP . As you can see in the pics, the camera is in excellent ++ condition, It includes the 35mm f2 lens; a custom leather half case in black leather with red stitching to match the camera aesthetics, an UV and yellow filters...
  9. cgastelum

    FS: Fuji XF 16mm f1.4

    Excellent condition Fuji XF-16mm F1.4, I'm sad to let it go but needs a new home. Bought 8 months ago, it includes all original packaging and accessories. the only wear marks are on the plastic hood. Asking for $650 net to me. Available to meet in NYC. thanks, Carlos G. [/url]IMG_0321 by...