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    Canon upgrade for birding

    My son has been shooting with a 7D for some 10 years. The 300L lens is his go-to lens - he's a serious birder. Its time for a body upgrade - so some advice please: - will the current 7D (with its crop sensor, but still back a few generations) give equal results to the 5D IV, once the FF is...
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    FS - Rollei 180mm f 2.8 AFD PQ lens

    Am not using this lens, so have decided to let it go. This is a late Schneider AFD (auto focus optimized for digital) lens, very clean and lightly used - only outside 2-3 times. Large f 2.8, great portrait lens, for Afi/Hy6 cameras. Sold with box. Works well with 60 and 80 mp backs. $1600 plus...
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    FS - Rollei 300 APO f4 PQ lens

    One of Schneider's best telephoto lens - APO type, f4, very clean example from a long-term Rollei owner. Bought in 2011, selling because no longer using telephoto gear. Razor sharp. Usable on all 6003/8 and Afi/Hy6 bodies. $1600 plus shipping.
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    feeler: Cambo WRS and lens (reposted)

    Any interest in a Cambo WRS 1200 with Schneider 47XL f5.6 Apo Digitar lens for sale? The Cambo comes with a box (quite minimal), the 47 not. Both are in good condition. $3200 for the set. Could possibly separate. The 47 works well with larger pixel backs, and I've had success on 60mb back...
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    Photo Clam Pro Gold ball head FS $250

    Like new, never been outside, used once. Nifty because it has both rotating at the base and also pan at the top. With lever release for Arca sized plates. In the box, with papers, etc. for $250 + SH, instead of $365 new.
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    LCC on C1

    Just beginning to use LCC in C1 (v6 so far). Does anyone know the difference between the three different settings in setting up the LCC, the first which is just "analyze", the second to "exclude dust" and the last for wide angle lenses? Do people find that they sometimes don't accept the...
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    Racing with Hy6

    Just for fun - take a try with some gear ill-suited for the project and see what happens. These were taken with a 300 mm lens at Elkhart track in Wisconsin. It was kind of a test to see how it would do - in a world which it was not suited for. The max shutter was 1/500, MLU, on a monopod.. max...
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    Scammed on camera purchase

    True confessions - I got took. Its was a pretty good one, and I let down the guard and they drove away with the money. First time its ever happened, and it was well done. So the story is maybe so others will be warned. The ad was an older one for a Hassy Arc View, with 3 lenses for a great...
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    Mining in Colorado

    Some handheld AFI shots from Colorado.
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    walking around shot

    The everyday... the mundane, rendered in detail to show some other ways of looking at it. Nothing too trick, just a try to get some depth. Taken with Leaf back and 60 mm Curtagon on a Hy6. Getting used to the new gear. Full frame and a crop. Geoff
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    FS: Phase + Rollei (dp20 and 6008AF)

    FS: Rollei Digital bundle - Dp20 Phase back in Rollei mount + 6008AF body, WLF + battery, charger, two older film backs (users) for the 6008. I bought this setup from Kurland about a year ago, and had it reset by Krimar in NJ. I was told it was a bundled setup from Rollei, and it came without...