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  1. AlanS

    FS: Fuji GFX50s and 32-64mm f4 lens in EU (UK).

    I have my gfx 50s for sale, excellent condition (I can't find any marks) Approx 3000 shots, spare battery, boxed with all original parts and docs. A 32-64mm f4 lens, also excellent condition, boxed with all parts and docs. I am looking for 2950 GBP for the body and 1595 GBP for the lens. If both...
  2. AlanS

    vonalpen feedback

    Just to say that I bought a Nisi filterset and it was a very pleasant buying experience, everything as described and well packed.
  3. AlanS

    Auxillary release with Imacon 528C and 645 Pro TL

    Does anybody if this is possible and what I need to make the connection, perhaps a double plug?
  4. AlanS

    WTB Ixpress i-Adapter Kit for using Mamiya 645

    Interested in one of these for my 528C if I can find one at a reasonable price. Thinking about getting a 645afd. I am in the E.U. so a sale here would be preferable, but lets see. Alan
  5. AlanS

    WTB Ixpress i-Adapter Kit for using Mamiya 645

    Has anyone got one of these at a reasonable price? Thinking of getting a 645afd, I have a 528C back and if I can find a reasonably priced adapter may go that way. I am in the EU, would prefer seller here too, but lets see. Alan.