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  1. JoelM

    Artful pics of flora...

    Very nice, it really POPs. Joel
  2. JoelM

    More and more film fun with something other than a Leica M

    I have a IIIc with lenses and love it. The meter is accurate and then lens is sharp. The film counter is a bit wonky though. Joel
  3. JoelM

    just a quick question to BW conversionists

    You don't have to do that, but it makes it easier for sure and is what I use. I don't know if anyone is doing a conversion for MF cameras though. Joel
  4. JoelM

    Fun with Sony Cameras 2021

    Very film-like rendering, lovely! Joel
  5. JoelM

    Colour vs. black and white

    As much as I like B&W and often shoot it, I have to disagree. Plenty of color pics have soul. In another thought experiment: What if B&W film had never been invented and we went straight to color film. Do you think that B&W would have become a popular medium? Joel
  6. JoelM

    Leica 50mm F1 v4 Noctilux

    Minty sample of this fabulous Mandler lens. Comes with case, box, and all. Can post pics later on but this is a feeler. $6500 Thanks, Joel
  7. JoelM

    SOLD - Zeiss 28mm/2.8 Biogon Silver ZM w/Zeiss Lens Shade 9+ $700 - SOLD

    Beautiful condition and likely among the nicest out there. Very well cared for and as per usual, an excellent copy. All controls work as designed, clean aperture blades and glass. Only selling because I picked up a Leica 28mm ASPH. Only trade I am interested in would be a Voigtlander 50mm VM...
  8. JoelM

    Fun with MF images 2021

    Your beautiful shots really have me wanting that set up. Very inspiring Joe!
  9. JoelM

    NEARLY ALL SOLD-Leica Accessories sale 60% and more off retail-new or old stock

    Forum rules are that you are supposed to list prices. I don't want to go and research all the prices. That's the burden of the seller. Joel
  10. JoelM

    I wish, I wish ...

    I just go down the forum and click on what I want to see. For example, "Leica" and the new topics are bolded. I do this rather than click on New Posts. Takes a bit longer, but much easier and more specific to what I want to see. HTH, Joel
  11. JoelM

    270mm lens for 8x10 camera.

    You might try a WTB ad in the Buy/Sell section for better exposure. ;)
  12. JoelM

    FS: Leica M monochrome 246

    Is that brassing around the edges or just a reflection?
  13. JoelM

    Price suggestion/Offer suggestion

    Do a little research online as well. Google, eBay Sold, other shops.
  14. JoelM

    Why is aperture backwards??

    The apertures work similar by replicating distance by limiting the light into the camera. It's still by the square root of 2, but not exactly as the inverse square law. Joel
  15. JoelM

    I need MF film transferred to digital format

    There are a few services that can help, try google. You have to decide the quality you need whether a Nikon 9000ED (what I use) or a drum scanner. There are places that can do either or both. Good Luck, Joel
  16. JoelM

    Medium Format and Coffee

    Here's my PSA to you coffee drinkers: Joel
  17. JoelM

    Where have they gone?

    How about the fellow that lives in Cornwall with his amazing landscapes? I forget his name.
  18. JoelM

    Thoughtful pics of fauna...

    Nice back lighting. Looks like he is having it his way too.
  19. JoelM

    Contax 80 vs the rest?

    Another to consider is the Mamiya N 80mm f1.9. Excellent wide open and stopped down. I use the 150A on my S2. Joel