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  1. K

    WTB:arca swiss Monorail klappbar 30~40cm

    Hi all,i am looking for a arca swiss Monorail klappbar 30cm or 40cm.Please let me know if you have one want to sale.
  2. K

    Sold:Phase One IQ160 Mamiya mount

  3. K

    WTB:ALPA 35MM APO-Digitar XL Lens

    WTB ALPA 35MM APO-Digitar XL Lens at a reasonable price.PM me if you have one for sale,Thanks.
  4. K

    Want some sample of IQ160 vs sk28

    Hi all. I want get some IIQ sample of IQ160 with sk28XL, up shift over 15mm. Thanks a lot of if anyone can provide it.
  5. K

    Best Zoom lens for Mirex on A7Riii

    Hi all. I am looking for the best zoom lens (35~70must include) for Mirex adapter on A7RIII,I now have a PENTAX 45-85, missing 35MM, I don't want to use 2 lenses.Large imaging circle, sharp corners.
  6. K

    FS:Hasselblad H5D50 CCD back

    For sale is my Hasselblad H5D-50 digital back.Just a separate digital back. It's in excellent condition as its been well taken care of. All functions work and with minimal cosmetic wear. Photos please require for me, to see the excellent condition of the camera. (updated as required). Photos...
  7. K

    WTB: Schneider Apo Digitar 28XL & 43,60,72L,120Asph & 180T & 210T Lens with CF

    WTB: Schneider Apo Digitar 28XL & 43,60,72L,120Asph & 180T & 210T Lens with CF Hi all, I have a soft spot for apo-digitar lens and would love buy the original Schneider digitar series .28,43,60,72,120,150,180,210 etc.I am looking to purchase one of them again. If you have a working copy of...
  8. K

    WTB digitar 43xl center filter

    WTB digitar 43xl center filter 2i ,PM
  9. K

    WTB Rodenstock HR70

    WTB a HR70 lens no bayonet no helical,pm
  10. K

    Kapture Group Multi Shot & Long Exposure control For Phase One Connection

    Kapture Group Multi Shot & Long Exposure control For Phase One Connection. $450+3% paypal +freight
  11. K

    Rollei eShutter not fit ALPA or Cambo ?

    Hi all, have anyone experience about use Rollei electronic shutter at ALPA or Cambo and Arca Swiss mount lens ? I find shutter rear mouth specification is No.1 , Original helical can not fit it. There is a comment saying rollei eshutter blade position is different with copal shutter.So most...
  12. K

    Rollei lens control S & powerintrerface & chareger

    Rollei control s work good, only a lens control s body. $450 Rollei powerinterface was new with box. $365 Rollei 6008 battery charger like new,work good. $160 Only accept paypal, net price+4.4%paypal fee +freight.Any question pm me.
  13. K

    copal 0 change to Rollei electronic shutter 0 problem

    Hi all. I just purchase a rollei electronic shutter 0,is ready change my copal 0 shutter.But i find rollei larger volume than copal.The thickness of the two is also different.Rollei 0 rear bayonet size 7mm larger than copal 0. So i have two problems 1: If i need much gasket at front lens group...
  14. K

    WTB: Rollei lens control S cable to Phase one DB

    I need the cables to use a Phase one DB with a Rollei lens control S. Does anyone know where to get this? Is there anyone that is still selling accessories for rollei lens control S ? Please PM me.
  15. K

    WTB:Phase one DB for hasy V &Contax C mount

    I want to buy p1 DB V mount or contax645 C mount for my new body, if you have one want to sale,like p25+, p45+,p65+ H5D-50 ccd , 49X37 ,54X40 CCD. Please PM me.
  16. K

    FS: Cambo WTS Schneider 60/5.6 XL

    Hi ,All, Sale my cambo WTS Schneider 60/5.6XL lens.In Cambo-WRS mounts. I purchased from a photographer. Excellent condition. Glass is free of any imperfections. Comes with caps,Copal 0 shutter is excellent, Only some dust on the surface, filter thread marks. $6350(net for me). I have 100%...
  17. K

    aptus-II microlenses

    Hi All, I want to know which digital backs have a microlenses, like Leaf Aptus-II 12 80mp DB,
  18. K

    HCam - DRS & HCam Master TS V2

    I am look for HCam - DRS or Master TS V2 adapter,if you have a for sale,please contract wiht me.