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    Rodenstock 90/5.6 HR + Instax wide silhouette double exposures

    Instax film is fun but image quality suffers from 1) Bad lenses in Instax cameras, and 2) Poor dynamic range in the film itself. To address the first liability, I have over the years pieced together a Franken-Instax Wide camera from an Alpa SWA, an SWA shoulder release cable, a Rodenstock 90 HR...
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    Phase One IQ4 phone tethering / transfer feature?

    Any ETA on the Phase One IQ4 phone tethering feature and app that’s been in development for a while? Looking forward to liberation from laptop lugging..
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    Mini-review of Phase One SK 80/2.8 BR Mark II vs. SK 80/2.8 BR (original)

    I focus-trimmed a copy of the new Phase One 80/2.8 BR Mark II lens. It was set to a focus trim value 170 at the factory, and back focused noticeably out of the box, but in reality needed a focus trim value of 70 to eliminate back focusing. Then I did a side-by-side comparison of a test scene...
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    0.7x speed booster for Hasselblad V lenses to X mount?

    The 56x56 mm image (79.2 mm diagonal) covered by Hasselblad V lenses could in principle be reduced via a “speed booster” to cover the 33x44 mm sensor (54.8 mm diagonal) of the Hasselblad X family (X1D and 907x-50c) with a 0.7x focal length reduction and gain of a full stop of larger aperture...
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    XCD 80/1.9 lens: soft rattling noises?

    I’ve noticed that my copy of the XCD 80/1.9 lens makes soft rattling noises when moved in different orientations. The lens seems to work fine. Could other owners please confirm if these soft rattling noises when I point the lens in different orientations is normal? Thank you.
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    Mini-review of the Hasselblad 907x optical view finder (silver)

    The OVF accessory for the 907x is a beautiful but odd little duck. Pros: - It is beautiful, like everything associated with the CFV-II-50c and the 907x. - The frame lines are reasonably accurate in their angle of view at moderate-far and far subject distances—much more so than the ALPA OVF's...
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    Review of the Hasselblad 907x-50c control grip (silver)

    I received a silver 907x-50c control grip yesterday from a Hasselblad dealer. - It's sturdy and mounts to the bottom of the 907x with only a single thumbscrew but feels surprisingly secure. - It looks great, as expected. Hasselblad really nailed a beautiful aesthetic for the whole 907x...
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    Side-by-side comparison of Hasselblad 907x + XCD lenses vs. Phase One IQ4 + Hasselblad V CF lenses

    Here's a tripod-mounted comparison of the same outdoor scene at f/8, ISO 100-200 between: 907x-50c + XCD 80/1.9 @ f/8 vs. IQ4 + 100/3.5 CF @ f/8 and 907x-50c + XCD 135/2.8 + 1.7xTC (230/4.8) @ f/8 vs. IQ4 + 250/5.6 SA CF @ f/8 Captured in RAW, auto-adjusted in C1 and PS and converted to...
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    DIY *one shot* wake-up + shutter release cable (e.g., Phase One IQ4 to Hasselblad V lens with leaf shutter)

    DIY *true one shot* wake-up + shutter release cable (e.g., Phase One IQ4 to Hasselblad V lens with leaf shutter) Ever since I started using medium format digital backs, I've wanted to be able to frame and focus an image in live view, then *while in live view* press a single shutter release...
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    WTB: Hasselblad 42459 eyepiece magnifier

    I’m looking for an excellent condition Hasselblad 42459 eyepiece magnifier for the PME51/5/90 prism finders. Please PM me if you have one for sale. Thank you!
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    Any Hasselblad 907x Chrome Control Grip or OVF received yet?

    If so, please share your impressions! (Limited edition grip and OVF impressions are welcome as well).
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    Test results: which of 21 Leica M lenses will cover the Hasselblad X or Fuji GFX sensor?

    Here are results of testing 21 Leica M lenses for their ability to cover the medium format 44x33 mm sensor of a Hasselblad X camera. I used a CFV-ii-50c back set to electronic shutter, a 907x, and a Novoflex LEM to HAX adapter, but I assume that these results will hold for other camera systems...
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    WTB Hasselblad 501 cm or 503 cw

    WTB Hasselblad 501 c/m or 503 c/w in very clean condition. Body only or with other accessories. Please let me know if you have one and are considering sending it to a good home where it will be carefully used and well loved :).
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    DIY ALPA-compatible modular and mountable wake up cable

    I decided to make an ALPA-compatible wake up cable that could modularly (and reversibly) plug into the ALPA sync Y-shaped cable that links Copal shutter lenses to IQ3 or IQ4 backs, so that I could mount a wake-up button more reliable than the one that hangs loose on the absurdly long Phase One...
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    XCD lenses... wow.

    My 907x-50c arrived, and while I'll post a more thorough review of this amazing little gem, what I found most remarkable is that pretty much all of the XCD lenses are optical masterpieces. I don't have an X1d, and have been waiting for the 907x before jumping into the XCD world. Those who...
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    You can have it all*: Hasselblad V lenses, leaf shutters, ALPA body, 151 MP IQ4 back

    *"all" here means manual-focus-only tech cam that shoots 0.1 fps. But if you are in to this special sort of sweet torture, you will like this :D Hasselblad V lenses are mostly of outstanding optical quality and build quality, especially considering that some are 50 years old now and the vast...
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    Any way to use Hasselblad V lenses with their shutters on Alpa 12 tech cams?

    I’ve been trying to figure out a way to use Hassy V lenses with an Alpa 12 technical camera and digital back in a way that allows the use of the shutters within the V lenses. I realize Alpa makes a HC adapter that allows V lenses to be used with electronic shutters, but I’m hoping to use the...
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    WTB: Hasselblad 100 f/3.5 T* C lens

    Please let me know if you have one for sale in excellent or better condition, no fungus, no haze, no separation, no optical imperfections. I prefer the older C style lens to the newer CF/CFi version, but I’m interested in any. Thank you for reading.
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    Hasselblad XCD 45p manual focus--working properly?

    As luck would have it, my XCD 45p lens beat my 907x, and since I don't own either x1d camera, I'm left fondling this wonderful little lens without being able to mount it on a body. However, I did notice one quirk—I realize the 45p has "mechanically coupled manual focusing" as a feature...
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    Next IQ4 firmware update?

    Any word on when Phase might release a firmware that fixes the many bugs in the current IQ4 firmware? Hoping to regain auto-ISO capability in M mode, the use of my Alpa IQ4 electronic shutter release button, better stability, etc.