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  1. Greg Haag

    Help with Cambo lens mount in the 50-60mm range please

    I am looking for something in a combo mount that would fall in between a 32mm and 90mm, I believe in the 50-60mm range, but I am not sure what my options are. Right now the Rodenstock 50mm is an option, are there any other options new or used that I should consider? This would be going on an...
  2. Greg Haag

    Compact Prime 15mm to 21mm for Sony A7r iv

    I am wanting to get a compact prime 15mm to 21mm for my Sony A7r iv. I am looking for very good image quality, but beyond that size is my priority. I am considering one of the Voigtlander's but hope to get some feedback from someone who has already gone down this road. Thanks in advance! Greg
  3. Greg Haag

    Sony a7R IV

    Hoping to get a little guidance from someone more familiar with the Sony full frame dslr's. I am looking for something a little more compact for certain times than my medium format setup. I think the a7R IV seems like a good fit, most of what I would be shooting with this would be still...
  4. Greg Haag

    IQ4 150 help working out how to get to a reliable histogram please.

    I am trying to get to a point where I trust the histogram on the back of the camera for accurate exposure. I have taken 2 pictures, the first is where the RGB histogram appears to be pushed to the right without clipping, the second is 2/3 of a stop under that. I have included a shot of the...
  5. Greg Haag

    Looking for early March places to visit after Death Valley

    My daughter and I are spending a week in Death Valley and then we are looking for places to visit after that. We don't mind driving, we enjoy the road time. We have considered the following; Eastern Sierras, Horseshoe Bend in Page, Monument Valley (currently closed), Zion NP, White Sands, Big...
  6. Greg Haag

    WTB - Cambo Rodenstock 50mm HR Digaron

    I would like to buy a Cambo Rodenstock 50mm HR Digaron in excellent condition, I am looking to fill the gap between my 32mm and 90mm. Thanks, Greg
  7. Greg Haag

    Questions on trying to get better at using tilt on a tilt-swing

    I struggle getting the results I feel like I should be able to get with the tilt feature on my tilt-swing lenses. I feel like my technique and understanding needs to improve and would be grateful if someone could point me in the right direction. I have included an image as well as some...
  8. Greg Haag

    Help with Tripod/Tripod Head/Bracket to get the XF Camera as low to ground as possible please

    I am preparing for a trip to Death Valley and looking for some ideas to get my XF lower to the ground than my current setup allows. Ideally I would like to get my XF 6-8 inches off the ground for a shot that I have in mind. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!
  9. Greg Haag

    Can you wirelessly trigger IQ4

    I apologize in advance if there’s already been a post on this but I could not find one. Is there a way to wirelessly trigger the IQ4?
  10. Greg Haag

    Focus Stacking Question

    I have not done any focus stacking, but I am try to learn. My first results of blending the image was a big failure. I am uncertain if it was my technique or my processing method. It was a blend of 44 images, focus was manual, shot on tripod w cable release. XF IQ4 150 w 150mm w extension...
  11. Greg Haag

    CFexpress vs QXD cards

    I was about to order a couple QXD for my IQ4 150 back, with this firmware upgrade that is coming would you go ahead and order the CFexpress instead? If so, is there a particular card/brand anyone would recommend?
  12. Greg Haag

    Help with Phase One XF decision please!

    I currently have the IQ4 150 on tech camera and I am considering getting rid of my Leica S system and adding the XF Camera Body with the 40-80 zoom. If anyone has experience or insight on this I would really appreciate your thoughts. Thanks in advance! Greg
  13. Greg Haag

    FUJIFILM GFX 50R question

    Does anyone have an experience into the FUJIFILM GFX 50R? I am looking for a compact system and I have been interested the the GFX 50R, it is currently on sale for $3,500 and I am tempted to get this with the 50mm lens. Any insights would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance, Greg
  14. Greg Haag

    Help with minimum size tripod need please

    I have a few longer hikes (for me) this year, and I am looking at my options to lighten my load for those. One possible area is tripods and tripod heads. I currently have a regular and lightweight setup (pictured below), my regular setup weighs 6.65lbs and my lightweight setup weighs 3.17lbs...
  15. Greg Haag

    Backpack help please

    I am looking for an approx 40-50L backpack. I currently have the F-Stop Tilopa set up with large ICU, tech camara, 3 lenses and the usual stuff, with a total weight of about 32lbs. I like the setup, but the straps seem to cut into my shoulders and the waistband does not support the weight as...
  16. Greg Haag

    Phase One XT

    I scanned the threads for discussion on Phase One's XT and I had a hard time find much. Is this because it is so new or has the response not been good? Have there been any good unbiased reviews someone might point me to. Thanks in advance, Greg
  17. Greg Haag

    Phase One file management workflow recommendations help please

    So I am upgrading my computer and trying to decide if it is also time to change my file management workflow. I am fairly new to Phase One backs and for the previous 10 years or so it was Hasselblad, so my workflow for the past few years has involved Lightroom for file management. Now that...
  18. Greg Haag

    Phase One IQ3 100 with Hasselblad H4d-40 Question

    Hoping someone can give me some insight to pairing a Phase One IQ3 100 with Hasselblad H4d-40. I have the Phase One back that I shoot with a Cambo technical camera and I was wonder if the mount were changed to H mount would it work with my H4D? I have the H4D with several lens that would be...
  19. Greg Haag

    Monitor recommendation for Macbook Pro 16"

    I have decided to set up a docking station with monitor for a Macbook Pro 16", does anyone have a recommendation on a particular setup or monitor? I prefer a minimum of 27", but think I would prefer 32". Thanks in advance, Greg
  20. Greg Haag

    Medium Format Workshop - Intermediate to Advanced

    I apologize in advance if this is not the place to post this, but this is the group I was hoping to get feedback from. I am looking for a landscape workshop in the continental US for 2020, I would prefer a small group size. I think in western US, but open to other areas in the US. Also, does...