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    Front focussing on A7rII and certain lenses

    A thread has been started on preview that at first I didn't take seriously Returned A7R II because of severe frontfocus: Sony Alpha Full Frame E-mount Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review But then I got to thinking and I notice that the A7rII opens up the aperture to focus which isn't the...
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    Landscape focusing and FE16-35

    Hi All I was wondering what peoples technique was with try to achieve hyperfocal focussing (or near to it) on the the wider Sony FE lenses that don't have any DOF scale. The A7 series manual focussing distances that show up on the LCD/EVF are really next to useless and I am finding it at times...
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    a7II Wet cleaning

    just wondering if anyone had tried this as I believe the sensor can move around when of due to the IBIS sytem
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    New issue A7II 'camera error'

    Well my camera basically stopped working today with me getting the message "camera error. Turn camera off and on". I tried different batteries, card and a full reset all to no avail. I did get it to work for a while by mounting the FE 35 (I had been using the 16-35). Anyway I have spoken to...
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    IBIS issue A7II

    Hi thought I would start a separate thread about this issue I have been having so here is the text from the Users report thread. Any input would be welcome Ok Guys so have got the new body and it is still doing it What I have figured out is that if I change from either FE24-70 or the 16-35 to...
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    A7s judders in continuous auto focus mode (AF-C)

    Hi all Bought my A7s on friday and have just noticed any issue when using continuous auto focus (AF-C) when I do half press of the shutter to lock and track focus the lens judders in and out for a few seconds and then will settle. Whenever I move the lens judders in and out again. Happens in all...