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  1. 4*Paul

    Support for the Hasselblad X series in Capture One

    Done! Looking through the requests, I didn’t see many for Hasselblad so it would be good to get a few more. Or maybe we can ask the prolific “Lily” to support us :rolleyes:
  2. 4*Paul

    Focus Stacking Question

    Considering the evident expertise in this thread and forum generally, I’m a little diffident to post my simplistic approach to mitigating the problem - but here goes! Your experience Greg motivated me test out something that I thought I had seen, but never confirmed. So I set up a small scene...
  3. 4*Paul

    Focus Stacking Question

    Ah, I had forgotten that it doesn’t work with all lenses. I only use a non-BR SK 120mm Macro which covers all my needs and is a (relatively) inexpensive lens. Best of luck Greg and enjoy the learning process - which never ends!
  4. 4*Paul

    Focus Stacking Question

    Agree with everything said above about using Helicon & Zerene. I generally prefer Zerene and find the (always necessary) retouching easier. Have you tried the XF’s Focus Stacking feature? It won’t solve the problems you’ve described in this thread but makes life a lot easier by taking the...
  5. 4*Paul

    Fun with Medium Format FILM Images!

    The second one below was taken with a Mamiyaflex C330 a few years later (probably June 1971) in the same area when fly fishing in the hill lochs above Loch Broom. The fisherman was my old mate Ray Collier who sadly died last year. The film was Agfa CT18 and lens probably the 180mm Sekor judging...
  6. 4*Paul

    Fun with Medium Format FILM Images!

    Looking through some old MF transparencies I found a couple which seemed worth scanning. The first is of Loch Broom looking towards Ullapool and the Summer Isles in NW Scotland. Taken in June 1967 or 1968 with my first MF camera - a Pentacon 6 with 180mm Zeiss Jena Sonnar on Kodak film. I’m...
  7. 4*Paul

    Fun with Nikon Images

    Lovely photos Thorkil - particularly that last one which is full of atmosphere.
  8. 4*Paul

    DPR: 907X and CFV II 50C sample gallery and impressions

    Interesting discussion as I’ve been through this dilemma since I acquired an X1D to use alongside a Phase IQ back. I’ve used Phocus on and off for at least 10 years, maybe more, when it was necessary to process 3FR files that came out of my Flextight scanner. It worked just fine but somehow I...
  9. 4*Paul

    WTB: Alpa Mamiya 645 Lens Module and/or Alpa 11mm Adapter (spacer).

    Long shot, I know, but just in case anyone has either of these lying around unused I need both for a test that I’m planning - an old Mamiya zoom lens on an Alpa STC. It may be a daft idea but initial tests suggest that it’s worth a go. I’m in the Uk but would consider paying for shipping...
  10. 4*Paul

    has anyone tried the Hasselblad CFV II 50c with tech camera?

    I thought that the video, linked below, was relevant to this thread (even though it’s an X1D rather than a CFV) so hope you find it interesting. After a long period of taking some lovely shots with an X1D, James Bell has moved to a Cambo Actus XCD with Hasselblad 40mm CFE IF lens (I think) -...
  11. 4*Paul

    screen brightness

    Thanks for the suggestions Doug. Actually, I’m wondering if the OP was referring to the momentary brightening of the screen which happens when opening up to full aperture from a small f stop. It dims back down to a normal level again very quickly but sort of promises the ability to control the...
  12. 4*Paul

    WTB Hasselblad X1D to ALPA adapter

    Try Paula at Linhof Studio UK. I part exchanged one when I bought an X1D Lens so she may still have it. Brilliant service from them, by the way. Paul.
  13. 4*Paul

    screen brightness

    Maybe there are others like me. I have the issue (although don’t often take photos in bright sunlight) and don’t know the answer. So waiting/hoping for someone to come up with a way round it. The silence suggests that I might not be the only one in that position. Paul.
  14. 4*Paul

    Excellent article about Printing

    Well worth reading - it puts things into perspective extremely well. What goes into a photo print - getting more from your prints Lots of other good stuff on this site as well Paul
  15. 4*Paul

    Going back to Full Frame DSLR

    A lot of very sensible responses to a good question that has provoked me to examine my motives for using MF. Of course, most of us amateurs don’t have to justify our decisions to anyone except ourselves (unless SWMBO finds out how much we’ve spent):( but it’s always better to feel that we have...
  16. 4*Paul

    How Can We Help GetDPI Stay Alive

    I’m a bit late in coming to this thread and am delighted that a solution has been found. More a lurker than a poster, I’m addicted to daily reading of GetDPI and join everyone in thanking Jack & Bob for making it what it is. The best forum by far. 👍 Paul.
  17. 4*Paul

    Question about a used X1D

    I found myself In the same situation regarding X1D files in C1 and have successfully used a process that was suggested on this forum some time ago. It involves making a small modification to the Exif data and, having used the principle regularly for some time now, can report that it works well...
  18. 4*Paul

    Auto ISO on Phase One XF

    Yep it certainly looks like it’s a bug in the IQ4. The IQ3 still has a lot to recommend it although I’m very envious of the performance of the IQ4 on a Tech Cam. Best of luck in getting it fixed. Auto ISO is hardly something that is a show stopper but it’s nice to have it there when you want...