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    907x/x1d2 sensor readout with adapted lenses? Better than x1d orignal?

    Hi there, I had the x1d 4416 and it was nearly impossible to use adapted lenses ( manual focus, non leaf, eg leica / etc) since the sensor readout was so slow, specially on portraits ir something that resembled moving stuff Has this been improved in the x1dii or 907? Or since its the same...
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    907c vs X1dII - autofocus

    Hi there, Pondering between these two cameras - how is the AF on one compared to the other, using XCD lenses ? Is the X1dII focus aquisition faster than the 907 ? Or are they the same? I’m leaning fo rate 907c - it offers what the X1D does AND being able to couple onto a V body - something...
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    (EU ) Voigtlander 21mm 1.8 ULTRON - sale

    Hi there, Selling my Voigtlander 21mm 1.8 Ultron, in tip top condition for 550€ ( net value ). Lens + original box + manuals, all included. Shipping included within Europe in this price, payment by bank transfer or paypal ( add 3% if that is the case ). Best regards, GP
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    (EU) Trade : M10+50LuxASPH for X1D or GFX

    Hi there, I have the following to trade : Leica M10 chrome, complete with box, pristine as new, under warranty ( bought 6 months ago ) + Leica 50mm Summilux ASPH chrome with box, leather pouch etc, perfectly calibrated to the M10 + Voigtlander 21mm Ultron with box etc Would like to trade...
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    D800E files on old MacPro ?

    Hi there, I'm not very keen on the new MacPRO : very much video orientated. So I want to replace my aging MacBook PRO 17" ( i7 2.7ghz ) which is moderate for D800E files ( brushes are so so in speed in C1, sliders take 0.5 secs to reflect things.. ) and I'm looking into a MacPro 2010 model ( 8...
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    D3x vs D800E - today. I'm thorn

    Hi there, I'm quite lost here... I'm about to buy a DSLR and I'm thorn from the D800E and the D3x. Different animals, I know and for different needs. And no, I do not need the extra protection that the D3x provides. However I downloaded several NEF files from both cameras and I find the D800E...
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    300mm 2.8 AFS vs 300mm F4 AF-s for Safari.. for a Leica user :)

    Hi there, I would like some help here. Long long time Leica user, I decided to join again on the SLR ranks, the D800e is a mermaid with a strong chant... So my wife and I are going on a Safari in a month ( Tanzania ) and I bought myself the D800e and now.. .for the lens I have two options : -...
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    FS : Leica S2 complete, with 70mm lens (EU prefered)

    Hi there, Long time forum member here, at LUF , etc. Sold many things here in getdpi, including my Noctilux 1.0, then my WATE, then my M9 then my Noctilix 0.95 - all to forum members and all went perfect ( can give references ) . So here for sale, just for the reason that I dont use it as I...
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    African lens help !! Please share your experience :)

    Hi there, Quick background : I bought a Leica S2 few months back and I'm an amateur. So its a big toy which I love and had to give away my major Leica M collection, but I wanted to go into the MF game.. and boy, I'm loving it. I have the "kit" lens, the 70mm. My wife and I are going to...
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    Hasselblad 28mm F4 HCD in Leica S2 ? Anyone ?

    Hi there, I have the option to buy a mint Hasselblad 28mm HCD f4 from a friend who is leaving MF. I have a Leica S2 and since Leica makes the adapter that allows H lenses to fully work on Leica S cameras, anyone has tried this combo ? The price for that 28mm in mint condition is super mega...
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    Leica S2 with Contax lens : focal lenghts ?

    Hi there.. What are the comparable focal lenghts of Contax 645 lens ? So Leica is shipping the cool adapter for Contax lens... but... Contax uses a 6x45 format.. which is not the used by Leica S2. From what I've read, that makes the Contax 35mm ... a 43mm in Leica S2 terms, converted to 35mm...
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    Leica M9 sensor free of charge

    Yap, thats the one liner story : I tried to clean my sensor ( for the first time ) with some dual spec product ( one dry, one wet ) a few times and there was always something I couldnt get out. So I got fed up and put the camera on Leica Portugal to clean the sensor. A few hours after, a...
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    LEICA S2 mini review - afterall, their price point is getting sweet :)

    Well, here it goes. I bought a Leica S2 at a gorgeous price - as pretty much a large number of folks, I lusted after MF for ages and MFD since the dawn of time. I lurked on this forum for centuries ( give or take :) ) and recently I was in the position to buy a MFD kit - as some folks are...
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    Leica S new ISO range - can the S2 be upgraded via fw?

    Hi there, I know that perhaps nobody but Leica has a definitive answer but the new Leica S (sucessor to the S2) sports the same sensor than in the current S2. Could the actual S2 be upgraded via FW to incorporate these new ISO steps and improved higher ISO noise ? The sensor its the same...
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    S2 with 3d party lenses ?

    Hi there, Have a fantastic offer in hands to buy a Leica S2 + 70. Do I need it ? nop. But I always wanted to try MF and this seems a dream come true : I'm streching a bit the financials, but when can you buy a S2+lens+ extras for 10.000 euros and it comes with warranty still running ? Made my...
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    FS/FT: Leica Noctilux 0.95 ASPH + box + everything

    Hi there, Again, want to jump on the MFD bandwagon and this really has to go. Open to trades for a Phase One P30+/P45+ for Contax or Mamiya 645 AFD mount - will travel anywere in Europe to make this person to person ( on holidays until December and got many fly miles :) ) So here goes ...
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    FS/FT : Leica 24mm Elmarit 2.8 6bit

    Hi there, I want to jump onto the MFD bandwagon, so something has to go. My prized Leica 24mm M f2.8 Elmarit, with 6 bit code, like new. Comes with : - lens - cap - suncap - leather hood - box Price : 1700 euros, with shipping included in Europe via DHL Possible trade : Contax 645 complete...
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    Phase One and other DB : weather performance ?

    Hello Guys and Galls, I'm about to put my feet wet in DB but never used them. Apart from the obvious choices of Pentax 645D and Leica S2, with are weather sealed, what is the thing with Phase backs for instance ? I've been searching non stop on the internet and found a few horror stories that...
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    Aptus 75 + Contax 645 : still a good choice ?

    Im quite eager to jump onto the MFD bandwagon. Would love to go Hassie but money is an issue.... Contemplating Contax 645 with a Aptus 75 back - all in great shape - and I want to use it for landscapes, macro, portraiture and occasional travel photography. Keeping my M9 for holidays and such...
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    Pentax lens ? Hassy adapter to use on Pentax 645D ?

    Hi there, I'm pretty much dissapointed with my Leica 0.95 ASPH Noctilux. Its a great lens but... miss bags of caracter. Although the same size and pretty much same weight, I dont like the way it handles on my M9. That and I want to move to MF Digital : I want to try it. There, I said it...