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  1. 4*Paul

    WTB: Alpa Mamiya 645 Lens Module and/or Alpa 11mm Adapter (spacer).

    Long shot, I know, but just in case anyone has either of these lying around unused I need both for a test that I’m planning - an old Mamiya zoom lens on an Alpa STC. It may be a daft idea but initial tests suggest that it’s worth a go. I’m in the Uk but would consider paying for shipping...
  2. 4*Paul

    Excellent article about Printing

    Well worth reading - it puts things into perspective extremely well. What goes into a photo print - getting more from your prints Lots of other good stuff on this site as well Paul
  3. 4*Paul

    Iceland, February - XF or Alpa?

    My main camera for the trip will be the reputedly weathersealed Nikon D850 which, as Mr D Dolde frequently tells us, should produce perfectly adequate images. But I really want to take along my IQ3100 to get some proper MF high res landscape shots which will be printed nice and large. I doubt...
  4. 4*Paul

    Hasselblad CFV 39 Vs HD-39

    My first post, so please be gentle with me! I have resurrected my old Hass C500/C501 kit, fitted a Phase One P20 back - and it is absolutely brilliant. The square format and superb quality produces excellent A2 prints and the camera is a pleasure to use. The only limitation for me is the 1.5...