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    907x/x1d2 sensor readout with adapted lenses? Better than x1d orignal?

    Hi there, I had the x1d 4416 and it was nearly impossible to use adapted lenses ( manual focus, non leaf, eg leica / etc) since the sensor readout was so slow, specially on portraits ir something that resembled moving stuff Has this been improved in the x1dii or 907? Or since its the same...
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    907c vs X1dII - autofocus

    Hi there, Pondering between these two cameras - how is the AF on one compared to the other, using XCD lenses ? Is the X1dII focus aquisition faster than the 907 ? Or are they the same? I’m leaning fo rate 907c - it offers what the X1D does AND being able to couple onto a V body - something...
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    X2D Thread

    Indeed. Hope that H/Blad continues with the X2D what started in the X1D : a small, very portable, very light camera. Fuji steered away from that with the GFX100 - it is targeting Phase, Hasselblad H and so on. The size ( of the GFX100 ) I suspect its due to the ibis motors and specially due...
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    Leica S3

    For me, its sad really. Leica is doing H/Blad path - providing niche cameras, to niche buyers but one day, they will be in some serious trouble. H/Blad did the lunar stupidity over and over and they found themselves at the brink of bankruptcy only to be saved by DJI. Leica deserves better -...
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    (EU ) Voigtlander 21mm 1.8 ULTRON - sale

    Hi there, Selling my Voigtlander 21mm 1.8 Ultron, in tip top condition for 550€ ( net value ). Lens + original box + manuals, all included. Shipping included within Europe in this price, payment by bank transfer or paypal ( add 3% if that is the case ). Best regards, GP
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    Leica SL or Fuji GFX 50

    I had both for quite a while ( not at the same time though ) and there are some key differences : Leica SL : surprisingly compact ( viewed from above ) , much more X1D-C ethos of simplicity ( actually, its in line with the S medium format cameras ) but quite tall. AF is very much ok...
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    (EU) Trade : M10+50LuxASPH for X1D or GFX

    Hi there, I have the following to trade : Leica M10 chrome, complete with box, pristine as new, under warranty ( bought 6 months ago ) + Leica 50mm Summilux ASPH chrome with box, leather pouch etc, perfectly calibrated to the M10 + Voigtlander 21mm Ultron with box etc Would like to trade...
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    D800E files on old MacPro ?

    I see a lot of those comments on MacPro 2008 users - but isnt that because of the HDD ? My MBP is a 17", 2010 i7 2.7ghz dual core one and I just gave it a breath of life by installling a SSD. Couldnt the same be done on a MP 2010 ? Plus with a current GPU ( lets say a ATI r9 or a GTX680 ? )...
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    D800E files on old MacPro ?

    Hi there, I'm not very keen on the new MacPRO : very much video orientated. So I want to replace my aging MacBook PRO 17" ( i7 2.7ghz ) which is moderate for D800E files ( brushes are so so in speed in C1, sliders take 0.5 secs to reflect things.. ) and I'm looking into a MacPro 2010 model ( 8...
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    C1 v Lightroom

    Life is funny. I read Jack's initial thread and thought to myself "heck, I want the best quality. I use LR, why I never tried C1 ? Well, REALLY tried C1?". He and Guy Mancuso are really into the C1 PRO. So I downloaded a trial C1 PRO. Bought a new camera ( D800e ) and LR is so-so with its...
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    D3x vs D800E - today. I'm thorn

    Well, thank you all that contributed in this thread. Really some insightful opinions here and helped me. In the end, and as much I love the D3x body and feel, I do not love its weight ( heck, I'm a Leica M user :) ) . Found a D800E for a really really nice price and bit the bullet :) Thanks...
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    300mm 2.8 AFS vs 300mm F4 AF-s for Safari.. for a Leica user :)

    nonononono... I'm sorry, I perhaps explain myself wrong. The PERCEPTION here in Portugal, is that a 300 F4 is a hobbyist lens. Therefore is much harder to sell 2nd hand - and people who want it, can afford it new. I have nothing against the 300mm F4 AF-S, a superb lens, no question asked...
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    300mm 2.8 AFS vs 300mm F4 AF-s for Safari.. for a Leica user :)

    Hi there, Thanks for everyone that chimed in. In the end I just bought ( just now lol ) the 300mm AF-S f2.8. Bigger , much heavier lens but the price was very nice, the condition is next to mint and like someone said to me - at this price, if you resell it after the Safari, you will get 100%...
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    D3x vs D800E - today. I'm thorn

    Hi there, I'm quite lost here... I'm about to buy a DSLR and I'm thorn from the D800E and the D3x. Different animals, I know and for different needs. And no, I do not need the extra protection that the D3x provides. However I downloaded several NEF files from both cameras and I find the D800E...
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    300mm 2.8 AFS vs 300mm F4 AF-s for Safari.. for a Leica user :)

    Hi there, I would like some help here. Long long time Leica user, I decided to join again on the SLR ranks, the D800e is a mermaid with a strong chant... So my wife and I are going on a Safari in a month ( Tanzania ) and I bought myself the D800e and now.. .for the lens I have two options : -...