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12-24 mm lenses: f4 G vs f2.8 GM?


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Hi all. I currently use for my wide to ultra wide kit a Voigtlander 12mm, 16 to 35mm f4 Sony, and 24 to 105mm Sony. I am thinking about reducing what I carry by selling the 12mm lens and 16 to 35mm lens and replacing both with a single Sony 12 to 24mm lens. This would allow me to cover 12mm to 105mm with just two lenses instead of three lenses. I do landscape/seascapes mostly at f11 to f16, so I do not need the the extra speed of the f2.8 lens. Does anyone have experience with the two 12-24mm lenses? I do make big 20"x 30" prints, so sharpness is important. I have read that the very expensive f2.8 GM version is outstanding, but how much better than the f4 G version? At small f stops would I see the difference?
Dave in NJ
I've shot both, and currently have the GM. They are both outstanding lenses.

Since you don't need the extra light gathering of the GM, I'd say go for the ƒ4.

Two more date points:
• I've heard the GM has better flare control. I don't see it in the kind of work I do, but it could be relevant for you if you've got the sun in your shots.
• The GM is pretty big, so that might influence your choice as well

Here's a size comparison of the two 12-24 lenses and the 24-105 from -

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Mike, thank you so much. Yes size and weight are a consideration for me, at 83 years old. Flair could be a slight consideration, but not an often occurence.
Although I've not used the f/4 G version, I have the f/2.8 GM version that I used for the 1st time on a trip to the PNW in October. It performed very well across the board. For the 1st time I did some night photography (still not my thing) and the f/2.8 came in handy for that.


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Thank you Jacob. I am leaning towards the f4 version, but I am hearing that it is very prone to flair. I am doing more research.


I have the Sony 16-35 and 24-70 both F4 lenses. I also have thought about changing to the F2.8 lenses, but the sheer weight difference makes that a no go in my life. But more to the point, the Voigtlander 12mm lens is pretty tiny and light. Removing it from your bag and replaceing it with a 12-24 F4 from the 16-35 +12mm will probably not get you a lighter bag, if that is your main objective. But a quick look at the specs will confirm this.
(The 24-105 to replace the 24-70 is a same argument issue..... it does not cut down on weight, but it has a tiny bit of increased FL, which would be nice.)
What either of both replacement do is to cut down on COMPLEXITY. IOW, lens changes.
CHeck your past experiences to see what FL you tend to gravitate towards. That could be your guiding data.
But remember the weight differences.....