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27" 2560 x 1440 - NEC - or EIZO - or what ?


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My 30" 2560 x 1600 Samsung SyncMaster 305T screen seems to be worn out.
Deep, dark shadows come creeping in from the left, and I just have to quickly log out and shut everything down while I can still see the cursor.
So now I am considering buying a 27" 2560 x 1440 replacement screen just to have something acceptable while waiting for an affordable 4K screen.

But which one to choose, NEC or EIZO ?

Does anyone know of both of these screens and have an opinion about which one is the bettter choice ?
Or is there an even better choice in the same modest price category ?
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Nec is just as good according to a friend who is a working pro and tests monitors for part of his living has had both so save a few bucks


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Steen, not sure how I missed your original post, but I did, so advance apologies for not replying earlier.

I had to replace my 30" NEC last month and went to the Eizo CG27, couldn't be happier from an image editing standpoint. IMHO it is one full order of magnitude better than my 3 year old NEC was. I suspect the new 27 NEC's are very good machines too. I know Guy has one and likes it, but I've not compared the two side-by-side. I can say I'd buy another Eizo CG27 in a heartbeat. I bought mine from our site sponsor Capture Integration: Surprisingly, I find the 27" a little more comfortable to edit on than the larger 30 -- for whatever reason, 27" just seems the "right" size for normal desktop viewing distance full-screen editing. It can get a little crowded when you have multiple windows open and it falls down a little here compared to the 30", but I've recently learned to embrace OSX spaces and am actually more happy with this new set up than ever. (I've actually learned to embrace the old Wacom tablet that's been sitting unused on the side of my monitor for 3 years too -- with the improved layer editing capability in C1, the old Wacom is probably going to become a more essential device ;) )

Dale Allyn

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I have two NEC PA271W's, set tightly side-by-side, and I very much like them. Spectraview software is quite effective; as Brad says great accurate color; wide gamut, etc. I believe the replacement for this model has even wider gamut than this one. (Replacement is PA272W and sports 99.3% of Adobe RGB color gamut, according to the specs. There are still some PA271W models around at deep discount.)

The sRGB emulation option is very handy for me, because I also do a lot of web development. I still test web content on inexpensive displays and normal laptops, but this allows me to work without needing to be moving around all the time.

I also added the NEC Sound Bar Pro to one of the displays. It's adequate for having sound project properly for YouTube videos and the like, but don't buy it if you're wanting hi-fidelity.

Other than respecting the quality of the Eizo, I can't provide any feedback on them. I decided I wanted the extra value, as I perceived it, from the NECs.
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Thanks a lot, gentlemen, for all your replies, much appreciated :thumbup:

My old monitor died in front of my eyes, so I had to rush out and quickly find a replacement.
I ended up buying the most modestly priced 27" 2560 x 1440 I could find, a Dell UltraSharp U2713HM, just to have something acceptable while waiting for the real thing, an affordable 4K screen.
Luckily it turned out that this cheap Dell screen is actually surprisingly good, obviously a brand new generation and thus visibly better than my old, far more expensive 30" Samsung 2560 x 1600 screen.

My only complaint is the 16:9 ratio, it's not quite the ideal ratio for photography presentation.
In that regard my old 16:10 ratio screen was clearly better suited for the purpose, but never mind.

Brad, your thread about your new 4K Dell UP2414Q 24" monitor is very interesting and encouraging.

It makes me believe that we will actually within the next few years see some more somewhat affordable 4K screens in different sizes.
I'm curious to know how the rather modest 24" size goes along with the new ultrahigh 3840 x 2160 resolution ?
I can easily imagine how sweet such a high resolution and pixel density works for photos.
But doesn't it mean that e.g. icons and letters get extremely small and difficult to see and read at all at that size-to-resolution ratio ?

In any case, interesting times for new, grand presentation possibilities.


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Here's an interesting view of the NEC PA271 monitor and the Dell 24" 4K monitor each running at native max resolution.

In Lightroom with thumbnails set to the smallest size, the NEC shows 24 x 10 or 240 images. The Dell shows 37 x 19 or 703 images (though at this size they are indeed tiny and a bit hard to see).

I did have the menus on for the NEC so add 1 or 2 rows to compare apples to apples.
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