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44x33 versus 54x40



The article still has relevance though, regardless of what he does with his time now.

Maybe it's time now to play around with some cameras and look at the files of subjects you shoot, rent a back and a GFX maybe? Everything else is opinion, only you will know what's right for you when you're looking at the files. Finding what's right for you has no direct relation with the latest and greatest tech, which makes it all fun finding out.


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it is the neverending question I am asking myself...what is the difference, how big is it etc.
After using M9 and M240 side by side, and S006 and S007 as well, direct comperisons could not often prove my general feeling (that CCD gives better color in general).
Also in direct comparison, for example between SL2+SL75 vs Leica S vs x1d it is not so clear in each image, that medium format is ahead.
On the other side, if I use the x1d or Leica S I feel overall that I am very fine with the IQ I get, very 3D, very smooth, specially in the midtones, very "un-digital". Detail without looking oversharpened etc. The Leica S IQ is even a little more rewarding for my taste, specially the sharpness rolloff. I am not totally happy with the AF of the S though. The x1dII AF works much more reliable for my use, and I can move focus point around.
Overall I feel even the small medium format makes it easier for me to get color, specially also skincolor, midtones and a look, which comes very close to what I see with my eyes in reality.
On th other side I am sure that one could show me images from SL2+50/1.4 SL vs S or x1d images where I might not detect, which one is from which camera.


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54x40 is more burdensome than 44x33 (more expensive in general, fewer lenses available, fewer cameras available, slower to update firmware and fix bugs, etc.). But if you like the imaging advantages of 44x33 over 36x24 (67% larger area), the differences are even more pronounced with 54x40 (147% larger area than 36x24, and 48% larger than 44x33). The GFX100 will be a far more versatile camera, but the 54x40 sensor has its unique imaging strengths.