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70-200/4G ED with 20TC III on Z anyone?


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Have anyone tried out a 20TC III on a 70-200/4G ED and perhaps further more, on a Z camera?

I guess a reliable AF might disapear? and "wide open" would mean at least f8, and going for a shutter of 1/400 iso will have to be cranked up a fair amount when out away from the bright light...

but if money for the time being is somewhat low...


I have been using a 70-200 f4 with the 1.4x TC III extender with great results on my Z7. Like many Nikon Z users I am awaiting a 70-200 f4 Z lens. I owned f2.8 version in F mount and hated lugging it around. The f4 was not available when I purchased it, and I could not stomach the financial hit to get the smaller lens when it came out. This time I will simply wait for an f4 Z version. Eagerly awaiting, as the f2.8 Z reports are stellar. But yes, the TC III in either flavor should you fine.


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I have a love-hate relationship with 70-200 2.8 zooms; love their versatility and performance, hate their weight. My interim solution is the 70-300 Fx P. It is about the same weight as the 70-200/4 zoom and frankly as good optically in that range. Of course it is a tad slower optically throughout that range, but then it also goes to 300 while retaining very good performance — I suspect about on par and with the same optical speed as the 70-200/4 with the TC14 — and all in one lens.
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well have to post this picture, which have several reasons not to like (iso 10.000, not tack-tack sharp, the left deer to way out of the frame)...(but I still do like it..)
I had to try out the 2.0TCE III + FTZ + 70-200/4 yesterday...well guess I'll have to wait for the 100-400/4S if I can afford it, and if still being alive when it get out...

"oh no, it's him again"
Nikon Z7 + FTZ + 2.0TC E III + 70-200/4 at 400mm iso 10.000 f8 ("full" open) 1/250 through C1pro21