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907c vs X1dII - autofocus


Hi there,

Pondering between these two cameras - how is the AF on one compared to the other, using XCD lenses ?

Is the X1dII focus aquisition faster than the 907 ? Or are they the same?

I’m leaning fo rate 907c - it offers what the X1D does AND being able to couple onto a V body - something that I love - but worrying a bit abou the AF part - still want ot take some portraits and travel photos - had the original X1d and the AF was … well, bareble .) Of course the X1D will be faster overall in opearation ( iso, speed selecting, etc ) but in terms of AF , are they the same ?

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I have a 907X, but not the X1D11. However, every review and opinion I have seen on both cameras says that the autofocus systems are identical in function and speed. The only differences are the advantages of an EVF on the X1D11


I think the AF of either is to get you close then by live view you can punch in to adjust ! The AF is one of the weakest systems produced currently by any manufacturer and should not be considered as reason to buy one or the other. Hasselblad glass and the file IQ along with the color science are the top attributes followed by no dark frame on long exposures. I’m patiently awaiting the X2D or whatever they will call it and if it can be less of a burden and slightly more efficient to capture images with the greatness of Phocus Mobile we will have a winner. Instant start, no black out or shutter lag, better AF, battery life, elementary menu items, fixed rear screen, no top screen these make even landscape images more difficult then they should be for me.
The current cameras just don’t suit me, it’s like using dial up again after using 1gigablast I can’t go back.


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I have so far only used the X1D and X1DII quickly, at a demo event or three, where I've been using the 907x for a year and a half. I don't see much difference in AF speed or accuracy, however.

I'm not a huge AF user, however. I use it when it presents an advantage for a shooting scenario ... when I'm walking and doing hand-held casual shooting, photographing people informally, etc. When I'm being precise and working on my usual subjects, I prefer to focus manually—with any camera, not just the 907x. :)

The 907x/CFVII 50c suits my needs/desires very nicely and extends the usefulness of my entire system, which also includes the 500CMs, A12/A16 film backs, four V system lenses, etc. An X1D series body would also be nice to add to it and extend in another direction as well, for flexible eye-level, hand-held work.



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I have both and do not see any difference, some lenses might focus faster then others but in any way AF is slow but precise.