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A6500 + FE 70-200mm f4 G - Overkill?


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I'm looking for a longer reach to complement my existing E 16-70mm ZA. None of the E-mount APS-C longer zooms appeal - too much of an overlap with my 16-70 and they are limited regarding max aperture. Initially I considered the FE 70-300 f4.5/5.6 G but am not inspired by some of the tests I've read, nor the huge increase in length when zooming. For little more money, the 70-200 offers a constant f4 and no change in length. Have to balance that against maximum focal length of 450mm -v- 300mm. On the other hand, the 70-200 avoids the potential of being a 'dust-pump' (I used to have the Canon 100-400 L years ago). I am neither a dedicated wild-life nor sports photographer, so 300mm should suffice for the kind of situations I envisage using the lens in.

So, I have nearly convinced myself that the 70-200 is the way to go, but... A fairly expensive FE lens on APS-C - a waste of capability? What say you?


IMO, only FE mount lenses are of any value. I feel the same way about their APS-C cameras as well (none offer true 14bit RAW).

Fuji got it all in APS-C.


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You might want to drop member "Slingers" a note and ask about his experience, if I remember correctly he used a FE 70-200/4 on his NEX7 quite frequently (until he got an A7s)


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Fuji may have "got it all" but my friends X-E2 does NOT produce images that are demonstrably superior to my a6000....actually, for some shots I prefer the look of the latter.........nobody with any intelligence would look at sony APS imsages, nod sagely and remark how better they would look were they to have been made on Fuji.......

.......Got some evidence?

Fuji products are nicer, better designed (largely) nicer in the hand, and fuji do better and more honourable business than sony, but that's all a different matter for a different day.


There, you said it, Bug.

I am still looking for that apparition to get enlightened! :angel:


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Well, in for a penny, in for a pound. I went into town this morning to view the lens in the local camera shop (yes, there are still some around). The ergonomics of the combination were better than expected which also helps with the weight. After some trial shots both in the shop and outside in the street I took the plunge...

Made a short walk down a country lane after lunch and below is a SooC .jpg plus a 100% crop. At 200mm, f4, 1/320sec, ISO 100. Early days yet obviously, but very pleased with results so far.

View attachment 133135

View attachment 133136


I have had it for a couple of years now and use on both my NEX-7 and A7S.

It's fantastic at 135mm but at each end of the range it has some corner problems. However it's not been bad in my real life shots where I mostly use it stopped down a little.

I use it a lot when travelling as it is a great size being a f/4 lens. This hasn't happened to me as I've never dropped mine but there have been a few cases on the internet where people have claimed this lens when dropped it snaps in two. One person said it arrived from a camera store in two pieces.