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A7r, A7r2 - and why I'm keeping both ...


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Bizarre behavior.

Anybody here noticed this on their Sony cameras?
I may have from time to time on my A9, but thought the eye sensor just needed cleaning.
Well cleaning worked every time.


Douglas L wrote:
This is from Brian Smith, a Sony ambassador:
"I've alerted Sony to the issue.
I can confirm this is not a switching problem. It's an issue with the EVF not turning on even with Finder/Monitor is set to Finder.
I'm certain that engineering can find a way to resolve the issue."

Exactly because that’s the way I have my camera setup to finder. I depress C1 to switch manually to the monitor for chimping.

Another very illuminating discussion of the EVF/sensor glitch of A9, A9 II, A1, and other Sony cameras.
The A1 seems to have a significantly worse problem than some of the other cameras.

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Maybe I have to revise my setup from September 19, 2017? :cool:

I would like to describe how my two TAP adapters behave on my A7rII and A9.
But first recall from the TECHART LM-EA7 Mount Adaptor Operrating instructions this page:

It shows the F-number settings one can choose to accomplish certain things.
I have in both cameras set F36 and shot an image.
Then either chosen F25 or F29 for my adapted lenses, shot a white image, and dialed the camera F-number to 2 and left it there.
As we know the actual F-number is mechanically set on the adapted lens.
I am using A mode, AF-C, and Flexible Spot S.

Cameras switched off, then attaching the TAP with lens.
Now, when I switch on the cameras, the TAP pushes out and then retracts, ready to be used with AF.
Now when switching a camera off, the TAP retracts all the way to the infinity focus position.
So far as I had expected.

Switching the camera back on, I hear a little noise, but the TAP doesn't push out the lens.
It simply stays at the retracted infinity position.
However, the TAP is nevertheless ready to be used with AF.
Simply point the lens at something and halfway press the shutter button. It autofocuses just fine.
Switch camera off and on, the same pattern happens again, etc. :)

Now switch camera off, detach the TAP just a bit so that there is no electrical contact, then attach again fully.
When switching the camera now on, the TAP pushes out and retracts, same behavior as when first attaching the TAP to the camera.

One more AF observation. The A9 with TAP successfully focuses in dim light when the A7rII is unable to.


Now I would like to address an additional unrelated point when using lots of lenses with different focal lengths.
In this case it would be advantageous if one didn't have to use the Menu to switch IBIS on or off, or select the proper IBIS focal length.
In the following chart I show how to accomplish that for the A7rII and A9:

Of course Sony calls IBIS SteadyShot. One has to use 3 buttons to completely control SteadyShot without consulting the Menu.

The chart also shows my settings for the A7r and the a6300 that don't have IBIS=SteadyShot functionality.
While the A7r cannot be used with the TAP, the a6300 has support for the TAP.
The a6300 behaves similarly with TAP as the above described FF Sony cameras.
It also has the better AF in dim light, similar to the A9.

One more thing. I first have to attach the TAP to the a6300 before I attach the Meike battery grip.
Otherwise the Meike battery grip interferes with attaching the TAP. Such is life! Oh well. :(
BTW there is no such interference with the battery grip on the A7rII or A9.

AF/MF Ctrl Toggle is useful to switch back and forth between AF and MF.
Focus Magnifier for me is essential when using MF.
And finally the In-Camera Guide is handy when in the Menu.
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Brian_Smith • Veteran Member • Posts: 3,382
Re: Sony a1 EVF Is Often Blacked Out When I Lift To The Eye
In reply to dcstep • 1 day ago
dcstep wrote:
With my a1, FE 600mm GM and the FE 1.4x teleconvertere, the EVF sometimes does not switch on. Yesterday, in overcast skies, I shot over 1,000 shots and it turned on quickly every time. Today, with bright sun behind me, shooting only around 100-shots, it failed to turn on around 10-times. I don't wear glasses and had no baseball cap or other hat on during the shoot.
I've alerted Sony to the issue.
I can confirm this is not a switching problem. It's an issue with the EVF not turning on even with Finder/Monitor is set to Finder.
I'm certain that engineering can find a way to resolve the issue.
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Brian Smith
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What's the point here, K-H ? Is it just one intermittently failing camera or a general issue with the A1 ?
Well Bart it seems “a general issue with the A1”.
It can happen as often as 1 in 10 apparently when lifting the camera to the eye.
But not only with the A1, also affected seem A9, A9 II, A7R IV, ...
The problem seems predominantly to happen when the photographer and camera are backlit.
So early morning, late afternoon.
It seems to depend also on how the camera is carried and lifted up to the eye.

I am mostly unaffected with my A9.
I carry my A9 with my hand and not with a strap around my neck.
When he EVF didn’t switch on I simply removed the large eyecup and cleaned the eye sensor.
Didn’t give it much thought until now as it didn’t slow me down.
This happened maybe once in a month of shooting in my case.

Many folks seem to be affected with the A1 though.
So I’ll delay ordering my A1 for a bit until Sony successfully solves the problem.
A neighbor already got his A1. I am sure I will hear about any problems there.
Another neighbor experiences this problem with her A9 quite frequently.
She carries the A9 on a strap around her neck. Go figure.
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White Rock Mirador Subdivision - Construction Progress

Sony ILCE-7RM2 + FE PZ 28-135mm F4 G OSS
Snow covered Sangre de Cristo Mtns near Taos in the Distance

I reworked the last image above with C1 from both the .ARW and .JPG image I took with the A7R II.
My goal is to create a more realistic looking image. Here goes.

Derived from the .JPG image. C1 changes: Exposure=-0.15, Contrast=+9, White Balance as Shot, 5,000, 0. :)

Derived from the .ARW image. C1 changes: Distortion=110, Saturation=-30, Highlight=-50, Shadow=+2, White Balance as Shot, 5218, -0.6. :)

A reminder what my first attempt looked like. Artificially looking IMHO. :(

Sony ILCE-7RM2 + FE PZ 28-135mm F4 G OSS @ 135.0 mm, f/9, 1/400, ISO 100, Date Taken 2021-03-28 17:36:23.