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A7r, A7r2 - and why I'm keeping both ...


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LOL - I can imaging you've been over the moon getting those shots ... 👌
Thanks Bart. The hawk was taking its time, probably spent 15 minutes in that water dish. My A9 took over 1700 shots. I only pushed the shutter button down once in a while, frequency set to M not to High. After a few minutes the lens feels pretty heavy to hold up without a support. So I finally got my tripod and put the gear on it.

First the hawk was just sitting upright on the water dish, looking left and right. While splashing in the water it quite often looked up into the sky, left and right. It either looked for prey or didn’t want to get surprised.

So far I flagged about 70 frames I intend to keep. But I still have to go through the images one more time before deleting the ones I don’t need. :sneaky:

But you are right of course, it’s great to get these hawk images. I also have new images from a group of Evening Grosbeaks that I still need to post. Right now with warm weather the birds come mainly for water. They find enough food everywhere. In the Winter there are more birds that also come for food. The bird population here changes quite a bit with the seasons and over the years. It never seems to quite repeat itself.

Now that we are fully vaccinated I ought to move around a bit more. However I have been enjoying quite a bit to process images I took 5 or 6 years ago when Sony Alpha E and FE cameras and lenses were getting some attention as the new kid on the block. Back then I was also new to Capture One Pro and really more inexperienced than I would have liked. More challenging images I often never processed back then. So now I has been pretty interesting for me to finally process those images. Luckily I even back then I shot raw images so that I can take full advantage of latest post-processing software.
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Sony NEX-5N + Zeiss Sonnar T* FE 55mm F1.8 ZA (SEL55F18Z) @ 55 mm (82 mm in 35mm)

Vivid Colors again during Sunrise. Please notice the distant Lights in full resolution.

Flipping back and forth between these 2 images create a 3-D effect! ;)



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Hawk series. Well done BTW.
If you also have the 1.4x have you found significant resolution loss using the 2x versus the 1.4x?
Thanks Lou.
Yup, it's noticeable enough even for my aging eyes that I definitely prefer using the 1.4x over the 2x TC on both my FE 400/2.8 and FE 100-400/4.5-5.6.
That's why I want to order the A1 ASAP as I need the additional pixels to make up for lacking lens reach. :cool:


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Can you actually buy an A1 ? Anywhere ? I can't remember even have seen one here in stock.
Thanks Bart. You can order one online and the wait seems only a few weeks before they ship one.
SPS members seem to get one even faster. It's not like waiting for months.