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A7r, A7r2 - and why I'm keeping both ...


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I honestly don't know, K-H. But did it rain ?
No, not yesterday, just clouds.
But fortunately we got some rain the day before.

Over the last 40 years weather patterns here have changed quite a bit.
AFAIK we are under the influence of El Niño and La Niña in the equatorial Pacific region.
In the 1980s we sometimes got tremendous amounts of snow fall over night.
Back then New Mexico was also the lightning capital of the US.
The mountains also make their own clouds.
‘Back then in the summer Monsoon season you could count on a regular daily downpour right after lunch.
Very convenient, no umbrellas necessary around here.

Then for many years all that disappeared.
Now it seems a bit of snow fall in the winter and a little bit of thunder and lightning in the summer has came back.
Because of a decade and a half long drought at our elevation most Pinyon trees died off and disappeared.
We still have a few in our backyard that survived, including a huge one that benefitted from watering the lawn.
However the Juniper trees did quite well and have expanded.

Almost equally changing over the years and seasons has been the local bird population.
Luckily though the Hummingbirds are always back for the summer, as are the TuVus,i.e. the Turkey Vultures.
A few years back IIRC even a California Condor visited the Los Alamos area.

Sony ILCE-9 + FE 100-400mm F4.5-5.6 GM OSS (SEL100400GM)
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