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A7r, A7r2 - and why I'm keeping both ...


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Well K-H, next time you visit this place order one of the melts and take a snap of whatever they serve you and post it here.
Costing you only 7 bucks or 9 when you order additional ham or turkey. I take it the pickle is for free …
I can’t wait for it … 😂
Bart, I tried.

Last time there was a sign, something like, station closed due to lack of personnel. :(

This time

CLOSED. And if you look closely (pun intended ;)) you can detect this sign as well.

Well, here is an opportunity to start a new career at $12.32 an hour.
It's hard to earn a living at that rate.


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Bart, I tried.

Last time there was a sign, something like, station closed due to lack of personnel. :(
Thanks for trying, K-H. Much appreciated ... (y)
Luckily they're still in the melts business, so maybe one day ...
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Meditation Point

Sony ILCE-1 + FE 20mm F1.8 G (SEL20F18G).

Ruth Marshak was an American teacher and the wife of physicist Robert Marshak. In 1943, Marshak went with her husband Robert to LosAlamos where he worked on the Manhattan Project in theoretical physics.



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Thanks, K-H. A neat site, but nothing I had to update.
I guess my latest acquisition the 200-600 is fine and the few other Sony stuff I have (A7r2, 90, 24-240) is apparently already right out of fashion.
All the best.
Thanks Bart. I am glad you are up-to-date. :)
I didn’t know about this site and thought it might be useful in the future.
By having a link here I can easily find it when needed.

Last month I had to update the A1 and one new lens.
Still have to check on the new to me FE 20/1.8 G.
Avery fine lens.

Early on I bought a few Sony FE lenses when the lens selection was small.
Then over several years nothing, except finally the very expensive FE 400/2.8 GM.
I am glad I have it though. Heavy enough to use primarily on tripod.
But outstanding optics and fast precise focusing, made for the A1 it seems. ;)

Lately I also got the 35 and 50 GM with new optics and new fast linear focusing motors.
Over the last half decade Sony has indeed come a long way.

It’s now my go to system, especially for family and candid shots. Like this one of a former colleague of mine, who recently moved back into town and I accidentally ran into during the rainy Concert in the Park.

A1 + FE 50/1.2 GM @ f/1.2.

I am still thinking about getting the FE 200-600/5.6-6.3 G OSS for extra reach.
But as I have, since it first came out, the FE 100-400/4.5-5.6 GM OSS and the two TCs I am not sure I would have a lot of use for the longer lens, as it has also a longer minimum focus distance. The FE 100-400 GM and FE 90 G work quite well for hummingbirds on my A9 and especially the A1.

A9 + 90/2.8 Macro G OSS @ f/4.5.

One lens I am interested in though is the manual focus only Meyer-Optik Görlitz Trioplan 50mm f/2.8 II Lens for Leica M. It weighs considerably less than 300 g and could easily be used on the TechArt Pro (TAP) autofocus adapter that has a 300 g lens weight ceiling. The TAP seems to work okay in AF mode on my A7r2, A9, and A1 cameras, st least for center focus. This MOGT II lens would be quite a contrast to the FE 50 GM. ;)


arbitrage stopped using the 1.4x TC on his A1. Quote:

”I didn't have any significant problems like I did with the A7RIV. But it wasn't as easy to get tack sharp results as it was on the A9II.

Are you noticing the softness even when zoomed out or only at 100% view? It will certainly be more difficult to get tack sharp images at 100% when zooming in that much on a 50MP sensor. You may need higher shutter speed to achieve that.

With my A7RIV the only way I started getting acceptable results was to run the OSS in mode 3 or OFF. Also stopping the lens down 1/3-2/3 stop helped. With the A1 I also found that OSS 3 or OFF and stopping down slightly gave better results. Although the A1 wasn't like the A7RIV where I had to do those things to get some nice shots.

For now I've stopped using the 1.4TC on the 200-600 on the A1. I just like the better contrast of the bare lens on the 50MP sensor and am using the extra pixels instead of the TC. This also allows a stop better light and therefore a stop better ISO which also helps improve IQ on the A1. In fact I've also stopped using the 2xTC on my 600/4GM and have almost stopped using the 1.4TC on the 600/4 GM. I think the A1 deserves a pure lens without TC.”

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Black Dots Artifacts in Yellow Flowers.

I took Sony ILCE-1 + FE 20mm F1.8 G (SEL20F18G) and shot the following image @ f/11.
Post-processing was done with the latest version of Capture One 21 that I downloaded today.

Zooming in on the yellow flowers I can make out numerous Black Dots artifacts.

So this seems to be the 4th A1 showing the Black Dots artifacts in yellow flowers, first uncovered by j4nu, when the raw files are post-processed with Capture One 21, version in this case.

Clicking and then double clicking shows full size image.


PS: Cross-posted from
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Mmm, I think they're just aphids ...
Thanks Bart. You are too funny. I wish you were right.
No, there is something in the blue channel of the A1 raw files.
Capture One 21 turns that into black pixels.
There are no black spots on the actual flower.


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I see, but is it an A1 or a C1 issue ? How is LR coping ?
Thanks Bart, excellent point. That’s the question!!!

Here is a quote from :

j4nu wrote:
Bump! To keep this thread on the 1st page
Anyways, I went over another picture and the amout of artifacts shown by CO on pixel level is just staggering...
In other news, I have to give up on ON1 as I'm unable to make its sharpening work: it's either too soft or the edges are oversharpened...
On the other hand, DxO is looking better and better so I might end up using it instead of LR.

Thank you j4nu, much appreciated.

Could you please spell out the next level of detail of “ he amout of artifacts shown by CO on pixel level is just staggering..”.
Maybe I should play around with DxO. What do you like about it? Any problems with it?

Thanks in advance. With kind regards, Karl-Heinz.”


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Same raw file as before. But as the name indicates F DSC01997 Black Dots in the Yellow copy-ARW_DxO_DeepPRIME.jpg processed in DxO_DeepPRIME then edited as a .dng in Capture One 21, basically I reduced exposure (unfortunately the raw image was over-exposed in camera) but left default sharpening. The latter probably needs to be reduced as well, but I like the effect. :)

End result. Aside from no black dots, final image seems improved.


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Looks nice and crisp, what’s more - no aphids to be seen.
So conclusion: a Capture One issue or insect repellent ?
Thanks Bart. No aphids sums it up nicely. ;)
I filed a problem report with C1 but will move on and not wait for them to fix it. :cool:

How about some peaches?

Sony ILCE-1 + FE 20mm F1.8 G (SEL20F18G).