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Adobe enhance and the Q2


Lately learned about with Adobe's "enhance" feature which uses AI to make massive files out of smaller ones with shockingly very little degradation of the image.

As a test a 13.2mb Raw file taken in 2008 became a 183 mb file.

Dimensions of the smallish original print at 300 dpi went from 9 x 9 to 18 x 18

So a "75mm crop" by the Q2 could be quite usable indeed as a sizable print.


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Adobe’s enhance has advantages over Topaz gigapixel mainly in speed. It can process a file much faster. Enhance Is very dependent on what you give it and it seems not to add extra sharpening. Hopefully it’s a first step and more improvements will come in the future.
If you test it with a full sized Q2 image or a SL2 file you get a 186 MP image just like the multi shot image the SL2 can create in camera. Side by side the SL2 multi shot looked better to me. Only issues with the multi shot are subject motion and need for a tripod for capture. But with a good lens on the SL2 and calm conditions the results are very good.