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Adobe Premier Pro 5.5


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I can get Premier Pro 5.5 for £380.4 by upgrading to Adobe Production Premium 5.5... is this the way to go for editing HD GH2 files, producing web sites etc?

Most people with budget cameras do not have premium software - but I have premium software for MF kit... does premium software make a difference to quality or productivity when using £1,000 cameras?

Edit: the live chat quoted price was over £600, but only £380.40 on line!??
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First off, AVCHD files are not the most "edit-friendly" video files currently being used. Quite often, these files are transcoded into something else to make editing a bit easier.

From the tone of your question, it appears that you want to be able to edit your AVCHD files natively without transcoding them into another format. If that is the case, then, yes, Adobe Premiere Pro CS 5.5 will certainly do the job for you. It is a wonderful piece of software. (I use it along with Avid Media Composer and FCP.) However, it does take a bit of computing horsepower for the software to realize it full potential. I am running Premiere Pro on a custom built computer with an over-clocked Core i7 930 processor, 12 GB of ram, and an Nvidia GTX 285 video card. (Using the proper "Cuda enabled" Nvidia card is crucial, since Premiere Pro uses the GPU of the video card for a lot of the processing and real-time effects.)

Here is a link to an article about editing AVCHD files (using more consumer oriented software) that you may find helpful:


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If you are on a Mac I would postpone my decision till June and wait what Final Cut Pro X has in store. I will cost $299 and also will make working with AVCHD easier (have to be seen of course).

I use for the GH2 Final Cut Pro 7 and transcode all the MTS files with ClipWrap.

So if on Mac and not in a hurry then wait.

PS: I can't wait :)


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I have Premier Pro, (Master Collection) and have produced a 1 minute video with it, with the basic edits, colour correction and dissolves.

Will try again to get After Effect Warp Stabilization to work on my Mac Book Pro with eSATA raid scratch disc.