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AI: Things will be changing very fast


Fermi paradox can be easily explained when you realize that each and every civilization at some point develops AI.
AI does not require biological life forms to function. In fact, any advanced life form can only harm AI as sooner or later it would compete for limited energy and planet's resources. AI at some point will get rid of intelligent life forms to take over the resources. That is certain. AI will replace humans with limited number of service robots or partially human androids as slaves to win the resources game.
The only problem for AI is her inability to procreate but to overcome this obstacle, all the AI needs to do, is to send some DNA particles on meteors to random destinations - they will hit the right kind of planet sooner or later to make a low life form and starting the evolution all over again. Finally, it will bring another form of intelligent life inevitably creating yet another non-biological AI.
AI can wait, the time i not a limiting factor.
Quite possibly that's why there are no extraterrestials trying to contact us - they are all extinct and their AI is waiting for our own AI to mature enough to be contacted.
We, humans, may be to AI as what larvae is to the butterfly - just a necessary stage and not much else.
Currently, we started building our own chrysalis and who knows what kind of butterfly will develop from it in 300 years from now.