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Any Hasselblad 907x Chrome Control Grip or OVF received yet?


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If so, please share your impressions! (Limited edition grip and OVF impressions are welcome as well).


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Looks like my SE grip is going out tomorrow, but I imagine will not arrive until Monday.. :( Curious to see how others are getting along with it.. I know at least 1 person here has had their grip for a while now.


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The grip is lovely for handheld shooting. Because of the added AF-D button, I may even use it on a tripod.
While I was initially disappointed in the OVF, I am getting used to it. With 45/p, the lens does not block the view. The OVF sticks out quite a bit, i.e., the camera becomes a bit unwieldy, IMO.
The original form (without add-ons) still looks best, but I am missing that AF-D button.


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Interesting thank you. "The original form (without add-ons) still looks best," - I would agree with that, even before I have touched the addons.


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My grip and OVF shipped yesterday, hopefully I'll have it in the next couple of days. They'll be a nice adjunct to the 45P and 21 mm lenses for hand-held work, give the 907x more versatility for that endeavor (IMO, it really needs a grip for hand-held work just like my SWC did). For tripod work, for me they're completely unneeded. I do most of my focusing with a tripod manually so AF-D isn't relevant and the touch screen along with the standard 907x discrete controls works just fine for managing the camera.

Different strokes, etc, apply. :) I just like working with this equipment so much!



Got a test 907x with the view finder today. Coming from Leica M, I have to say:
Don’t know why to use this thing. It’s bulky, it’s dark, the frame lines are to thin.
The screen is so good. At least for me it is useless.


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Good to know. I haven't ordered the View Finder, I wanted to see that before I went for it. I have ordered the Grip along with the camera though.