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Anyone alread used Contax 645 lenses on Sony A7R?


New member
The title says it all - has anyone already tested Contax 645 lenses on the A7R through a Conurus converted NAM-1 Adapter & Metabones Smart for Canon EF?

I know that those pretty large lenses are not the perfect fit for a small camera like the A7R :) ... however I'd be interested in the results regarding IQ/look.


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Staff member
i would also be interested in the possibility, the a7r is more than tempting and i would like to use it with the c645 lenses


New member
I use Mamiya M645 lenses (35, 55, 80, 120), with a Mirex TS adapter to a Sony LA-EA3 adapter on my a7r. I'll be happy to post images, although I suspect my manual Mamiya lenses are smaller than the AF Contax lenses.

One thing to keep in mind. The A7's autofocus well only with their system lenses (or the LAEA-4). My Sony "A" mount lenses (with SSM motors) do autofocus with the LA-EA3 adapter, but so slowly that I use them only in manual mode. Note the LA-EA4 A mount adapter does provide quick autofocus with Sony A mount lenses, at the expense of bulk and a pellicile mirror.

Canon EOS lenses autofocus, but by Metabones own disclaimer, do so very slowly. Your Contax lenses will be manual focus lenses for all intents.

Personally, I'll use 645 lenses for TS purposes. For all other shooting, I prefer to use lenses designed for 35mm.