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Anyone tried this bellows nd GFX adapter for large format cameras?

P. Chong

Well-known member
about to commit on a Sinar X for use with 4x5 film, but also intrigued with the idea of being able to use my GFX for my tabletop work. anyone used this contraption before? Looks legit and usable…even has the offset to align The sensor plane to the film plane tilt axis. Thoughts appreciated.



I still used this about 8 years ago, with a D810. It works perfectly.

You have to manually align the camera once straight as accurately as possible, and then set yourself a new ZERO point mark on the image standard.

1.) Switching between film and digital always involves screwing. For a quick change, it makes sense to get a second image standard.

2.) The fine adjustments are not as exact as with a modern view camera with reduction (e.g. Actus MV).

I hope the information helps you.

Greetings Gerd