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Apple computers and the EU directive


Active member
Interesting blog post from David Clapp.

This is from the Apple UK website (my emphasis), which pretty much reveals what he discovered:

Under consumer laws in the UK, consumers are entitled to a free of charge repair or replacement, discount or refund by the seller, of defective goods or goods which do not conform with the contract of sale. For goods purchased in England or Wales, these rights expire six years from delivery of the goods and for goods purchased in Scotland, these rights expire five years from delivery of the goods.

So, if you don’t need the tech support, you can pretty much forego Applecare and save $$$$ (or ££££).

Equally, if you have a big ticket item from Canon, Phase One, Nikon, Hasselblad, Epson etc. that was purchased in the UK, and which develops a fault within the timeframes stated … this info may be relevant ... though whether any of them will step up to the plate as easily as Apple did for David, is a whole other ball game. Still, probably worth a shot.


To be clear, this applies to the retailer and not the manufacturer. It also isn't quite as clear cut as the statement on the Apple UK website implies.


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Title mentions EU but post text only mentions UK. Is there an EU-wide similar regulation?