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Architecture, Buildings, and Structures


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Went back to this place for my second shot today. This is the foyer - you can see the scale by the spiral staircase right of center. It leads into a much larger room where I waited 3 1/2 hours in a 2 mile long line. Today was 45 minutes. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Oh, iPhone, LR. The focal length was 1.54mm. I swear, I had pixels that large on an early camera!
Untitled by Matthew Grayson, on Flickr



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Aaah, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, keep posting Michiel and Bart, can't wait to be able to get out of the country again

Here's two from 2014

Rotterdam Zuid

NEX6 + OM Zuiko 50/1.8

Rotterdam Eye Hospital (with the statue of the "rising sun behind the clouds" from my grandfather Karl Gellings)

NEX6 + OM Zuiko 85/2


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^^ If that is a classical brick wall test shot the conclusion could be that there's quite a bit of distortion as well as a crack in your lens, corner sharpness is OK though 😂
Amazing isn't it ? I'm surprised to see this wall in such a state of decay, apparently tolerated by the local authorities, as it is adjacent to the public road.