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Architecture, Buildings, and Structures


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The ultimate staircase?

Montagne de Bueren in Liege, a street which has a staircase of 374 steps to cover a height difference of 70 meter

Looking down

Looking up

It is known that the famous Spanish architect Aldo Rossi was inspired by these steps when he designed the Bonnefantenmuseum in Maastricht, and indeed the similarity is striking

Looking down

Looking up

Liege: A7ii + Tamron FE 28-200 Di III RXD
Maastricht: A850 + Min 20/2.8


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B&W: Cold, repellent, fascinating - Frankfurt's skyscrapers

"Frankfurt - Bankfurt," nag the critics. At least Frankfurt has a considerable number of skyscrapers for Germany. A small section in cool B&W:

01 - Frankfurt Hochhäuser gr 1200.jpg

Frankfurt skyline

02 - Frankfurt Hochhäuser gr 1200.jpg

Commerzbank Tower

03 - 2 Frankfurt Hochhäuser gr 1200.jpg

Main Tower

04 - Frankfurt Hochhäuser gr 1200.jpg

Westhafen Tower

05 - Frankfurt Hochhäuser gr 1200.jpg

Fair Tower

06 - Frankfurt Hochhäuser gr 1200.jpg

Deutsche Bank (German Bank)

Best regards, Uli
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Hi, did they not add some kind of modernistic concrete building to it ?
Or is that cancelled in project phase ?

C U,
Yes, they added an extension, not concrete but some kind of grey-ish brick. It's on the other side from where this photo was taken, you can see a very little piece through the branches on the left. The opinions on the "beauty" of the extension are very diverse where (obviously) the people who don't like it yell the loudest. I think they could have done better, but we'll all get used to it over time :)


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Liège Guillemins Railway Station, the main railway station in the city of Liège, was designed by architect Santiago Calatrava at a cost of 312 million Euros (not sure if that was what was originally budgeted or the real cost) ... it was opened on 18 September 2009.
The station is made of steel, glass and white concrete. It includes a monumental arch, 160 metres long and 32 metres high.

Stay safe and have fun,
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