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Artful pics of flora...


Active member
Can photos of fungus be here? :unsure: Mushroom season is right around the corner where I live, I look forward to it every year...

Vermillion Waxcap - Nikon D500 w/ Tamron 90mm [f017] | f5.6 @ 1/1/125th ISO640 - [2019]
I imagine that depends on whether fungus is classified as a fauna or a flora.


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I am always looking for different compositions with flowers...this lone Cranesbill geranium caught my eye against its foliage in the background.

E-M1.2 w/ 50mm f2 ED {MMF-3} | f5.6 @ 1/400th ISO200 -0.3
Very nice, it really POPs.


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Finally some fly agarics showed up here, I had expected to see many of them due to the wet summer we had, but I think the crop this year isn't even 10% of what I found last year. Less groups and also the groups are smaller and the shrooms smaller.

But here's one I found in our neighbourhood

Sony A7ii + OM Zuiko 135/2.8 + tube