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'BACK' message on CFV-50 LCD--what does it mean?


New member
I was out shooting my 501CM with its new CFV-50 back when a flashing yellow box with the word BACK in black letter appeared on the LCD screen. I turned off the back and turned it on again--and again the flashing yellow box with BACK in it.

I looked through the manual and could not find any reference to this.

Is it an error message?

If so, what does it mean?

This is a Battery warning.
The information is located on page 36 of the CFV50 manual.

A warning on the display appears as a flashing yellow icon in the top right of the screen signifying that the battery should be charged (or changed) as soon as possible. The warning icon will also appear with a FireWire connection and will in addition turn red to signify that the camera battery is completely exhausted.
is there any chance to check the capacity of the battery before i start a shooting?
i have two batteries and every time i go on location i have to charge both - just in case, even i if i don't plan for a long time shooting. it's weird!