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BackPack for 8x10 - F-Stop ?


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Does anybody have used a F-Stop Backpack for 8x10 LF ?
Which Size will be good enough... Tilopa?

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I am not sure any of the fstop backpacks is ideal. I own two of them (Sukha and Tilopa), and to my taste their back access is too small for large cameras. Besides that, the backpacks are well made and nice to carry. With a tele master ICU, you can use the top access. Maybe that is an option.


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I used a large Tenba back in the day. It was pretty massive, but in it I could get my 8x10 cam folded with with film holder inserted -- I made a compartment for it by bending a long divider into a square and forming it in the bottom left, then three or four lenses on boards fit down the right side, and then dark cloth, loupe, meter and filters along the top rows. It had a rear zip pocket that was large enough to comfortably hold a couple more film holders; IIRC I could just get 3 in if I nested them carefully.


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I might suggest finding a hiking/climbing pack with a good suspension system that will fit your gear and than use inserts to protect it. I find climbing gear is more comfortable, lighter, and less sweaty than photo-specific bags. There is also more choice. And the inserts will last forever, so you can use them with lots of bags.
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I did the internal frame backpack route. Worked very well comfort-wise and great for longer treks, but each piece of kit had to separately wrapped, so set-up took longer.

End of day, the big f-64 bag is almost identical to the modified Tenba I mentioned above — that’s the route I’d go unless you plan on more than 5 mile hikes — then the proper backpack is king


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I'v excellent experience with my F-Stop Shinn with the Cine Master ICU - takes my Canham 810 alternatively my Deardorff 810 easily, together with 4 lenses and some film holders in the front compartment. All together not lightweight but very good useable...
Always would by this combo again.
Best regards, Ulrich
Look at HILL PEOPLE GEAR... they make a frame called the Decker Pack Frame.
I have this, it’s made to haul 300 lbs of elk meat. It’s a customizable system and I’m having Stone Photo make a custom case for my Arca Swiss 8x10.