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Baking my nvidea 8800GT in the oven


Subscriber Member
That's right, in the oven. 400 degrees F for 10 minutes completely brought the previously dead card back to life. I've ordered a newer card to replace it and help me get by until the new Mac Pros come out, but this was a trick I would not have believed but had little to lose.

I'm giving myself 4 geek stars!



Active member
I used to do some insane things with my computer hardware.
After phase change (refrigerative, -50C) cooling my CPU I had some condensation issues which killed the motherboard.
I scrubbed the motherboard with a toothbrush and naptha and then under a running tap to clean off the dielectric grease (electrical insulator meant to protect AGAINST condensation). After that I dried it in the oven and voila, it worked again.

I also bridged pins on the base of a cpu to give it an overclock on a motherboard that doesn't support overclocking.

This is my current dual radiator machine


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thrice: OK, I am suitably humbled by your uber geek. And that computing device is a work of art!


New member
Very nice save, and very nice setup Thrice. I finally gave up my dual radiator setup when I got hitched... I didn't want to have to worry about leaks as more things in life came along.