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Beginner Digital View Camera


New member

I'm looking to build a View camera setup for shooting product photography in a studio setting, and I'm having trouble building out a camera.

A few photographers I follow on instagram have told me they use a sinar p2/p3 with Leaf backs and Sinaron Digtal lenses, but I've also been curious about the Linhof 2x3 M 679.

I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a build that I could setup for under $3000. I mostly shoot on a 100mm macro lens when using full frame so I would love to stay in that area when switching to a larger digital back.

Any recommendations or places to find more information on the subject would be appreciated!


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I owned a M679CS. I'm not experienced in product photography, but the camera is very nice with very precise movements that are really made for the small tolerances of digital photography. The camera requires specific lens boards that are a little expensive. It might not matter much if you plan to stay with one lens, but if you go for many, then it might become a factor. It shares the same accessories on the back standard as the Linhof Techno (sliding backs, ... I have one for sale if you need one for Hasselblad V :) ).

Linhof's own website has a comprehensive PDF about the system:
And a video that shows the movements:

From what I read about the Sinar, it is a precise tool but made for 4x5". How well it works with the digital tolerances? I don't know, someone else needs to comment on it.

For your price considerations, it may be realistic without a digital back included, depending very much on the lenses.
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