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Behind the scenes


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I have seen a couple of 'behind the scenes' shots here, and I find that most interesting. It shows a little more of the thinking behind a shot and how hard the final image is tweaked (or not at all).

As you can see, I was very quick (look at the clouds) to step back and take the snap, but in those seconds, the whole field was sunlit which it wasn't a moment before...


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Very interesting thread, Dan, thanks to share this.

Hope to see more, also from others.


I have seen a couple of 'behind the scenes' shots here, and I find that most interesting. It shows a little more of the thinking behind a shot and how hard the final image is tweaked (or not at all).


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Thierry, I think this is going to be a very slow thread. But, I do hope as well that somebody else also post once in a while....I will....:p

This one was a 20 second exposure. Heliopan 10 stop ND. Another 'square' format from me. :)



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Thank you very much! Yes, I find it interesting how much a thoughtful approach matters in photography. Being careful of lenschoice, dof, precise camera position and composition is so important. Taking a snapshot behind the scene reveals how bland and uninteresting it quite often looks (not always ofcourse) and that shows how seldom good photography is made from chance/luck!

Graham, it was very windy.....I was very very much in doubt if I should let go of my thin/light Gitzo 2 series for the snap...but I did, the risk taken for the forum :D
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Thanks for posting this series, Dan - very inspirational.
Have to agree, you were very brave to step back for that snap under such windy conditions!
Will send a PM regarding the Leaf Aptus ii 5.... am considering a MFDB for a V system Hassi.


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I really enjoy the behind the scenes shots here. This is my contribution from Monday. We don't have much in the way of autumn colour out here but we do have a lot of greens to make up for it!

Alpa STC, SK 150, IQ160 1/15s f/11 and a BIG tripod!

For the pixel peepers: Full size image

Tall tripod because the tree huggers won't allow cutting down of the junk in the way of the scenic outlooks so I have to stand on the wall:

The business end:


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GREAT Graham, the ice is broken :)

What a location living there in that house!!! and I have to say that your Alpa/phase package really looks the business. Thanks for posting.

By the way, I have one today but forgot the snapshot so I'll post it in the other thread....


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Boy, those iPhone cameras are getting good! ;)

Seriously, this thread is wonderful and I thank you, Dan and Graham, for contributing. These examples help beginners like me see what is possible in a way that just the final print can't do.



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Great idea for a thread! :) I posted one of these in the "show your tech camera" thread, but here it is again with the final pic that came out of this setup:

and the final image:

about 40 sec exposure, with a 3-stop ND right after sunset.