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Behind the scenes


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Just you wait...
"Dad, the Hasselblad is OK, but when can I get a *real* camera?"
GAS starts young...:LOL:
She's been insisting we print everything from the iPhone on the Instax Wide printer. It's like she's a hipster or something. I thought we'd have gotten her out of Brooklyn early enough...

Greg Haag

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Well the last day at the beach was a total bust light rain/haze all day, so I decided to scout out a potential shot for the next time I am here. Wind was probably 25mph, I shot it without frame averaging and with, did not really like either but chose frame averaging, I preferred the softness.

Cambo 1600 IQ4 150 Rodenstock 180
Beach Sunset 0331 BTS-3.jpg

Beach Sunset 0331-3.jpg


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Silver Creek in Halton Hills, Ontario, isn't going to make it on anyone's natural wonders bucket list. But it's still an important little water body that connects to other streams that feed the Credit River, which drains into Lake Ontario. I've been working here since last summer as part of a lager project. In the Summer and Fall of 2022, water levels in the creek were very low, and this area was almost bone dry. I went back this week to see how it was doing during early Spring. Not surprisingly, there's a lot more water, and it actually looks like a vigorous little creek. The trees haven't leafed out yet, so it's still looking a bit dull. If the summer is dry again, there will only be a trickle of water in the creek.

This was my first "real" day out this year with my new(ish) Arca-Swiss F-Universalis and the two Mamiya N lenses I adapted for this setup earlier this year. This first picture is with the Mamiya N 43mm f/4.5 L. The second one is with the Mamiya N 65mm f/4 L. They're both superb optics for this kind of work on the F-Universalis.

Silver Creek, Spring 2023.jpg

Silver Creek Behind the Scenes.jpg

Silver Creek, Spring 2023 2.jpg

Greg Haag

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Do you ever get setup to shoot and think maybe you picked the wrong spot? Well that was how I was feeling on this shot. I wondered what they were seeing that I was not, but did not want to know bad enough to make that journey across the dunes.

Cambo 1600 IQ4 150 Rodenstock 180mm 3 image pan cropped to taste

Death Valley Mesquite Flat Dunes pan BTS-1.jpg

Death Valley Mesquite Flat Dunes pan-1.jpg

Death Valley Mesquite Flat Dunes pan-2.jpg