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Behind the scenes


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in the Medium Format section there is a thread "Behind the scenes" which I really enjoy. The idea is to show your setup with the final shot. I'd love to get this going for Large Format too, so let me start this with an example.


Shot with 4x5" Linhof Master Technika 3000, Schneider Super-Angulon 5.6/72mm XL, Kodak Portra 400



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Nothing special, and includes a light leak from an unknown source (likely just before or after exposure), but this marked my first attempt at both developing sheet film at home, as well as “scanning” it with a DSLR. Overall I am happy with the results, although I was hoping the “scan” would be a bit closer to the older Imacon Flextight that I rent on occasion.



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Another one, snowboarding with LF.


Final Shot (unfortunately with light leak... )


I had to walk a little for this shot, because the slope was just in preparation. While I was taking the shot, a snow groomer appeared, stopped and the driver was insisting on taking a picture of himself with the camera. It turned out that he photographed these mountains already for decades.