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Best time of year for Grand Canyon?


New member
Can anyone please advise the best time of year to visit and photograph the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Rocky Mountain etc., national parks?

Maggie O

New member
For the Grand Canyon, I would think that winter would be the best time, as there are fewer visitors and winter rains in California lower the amount of hydrocarbon haze in the canyon. And as we know from the Moab workshop, the combination of rock and snow can't be beat!


Active member
I don't know about the others (though Maggie sounds to be right), but I think late spring for Yosemite: before the crowds, but there's still snow high up and lots of water flowing, including waterfalls. You can look for yourself here, although the live camera views seem to be inoperative right now; check later. The only thing likely to be missing in the winter and early spring are cumulous clouds.



For the Grand Canyon Monsoon season is good. mid July to mid September. Winter is also good but the North Rim is closed after mid Oct or so.


New member
Thanks everyone for your interesting and informative advice. We will probably take about 17 days to visit the area taking in Yellowstone, Great Teton, Rochy Mountain as well as the Grand Canyon National Parks and at the moment it looks as if we will probably do it in late Autumn.