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BIG PRINT order from old digital file


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Hello all: If you go to my web site you will see that I do mostly seascapes and offer prints in 13"x19", 20"x24", and 20"x30". When I first switched from my chemical darkroom to digital printing, many of my images were scanned film, using a high end medium format film scanner at 3000dpi scan resolution, so big prints were not an issue from 2 1/4 film images. . I got a print order today for a 20"x30" print made from a file from my first digital camera: a Canon 10D with APSC size sensor and 6 MP resolution. (I presently use a Fuji GFX 50R and Sony A7RIV). Panic Time. I used PK SHARPENER and applied "Capture Sharpen", then I used "BLOWUP 2" to up res, then "PK SHARPENER" again to apply "output sharpen". Looking at the image on my calibrated monitor at both "Print Size" and "Actual Pixels" it does not look all that bad. The subject matter does not require needle sharpness, so I think the buyer will like it. I have not printed it yet (Epson 7890). If I am not happy, I will contact the client and offer to print something similar made at a later date with higher res equipment. I am an 84 year old amateur. (Having Fun).
Thanks for looking, stay safe.
Dave in NJ


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Hi Dave. I just saw your post on this subject. Coincidentally, I've been going thru some of my own images taken with older digital cameras which have resolutions of 8mp or less. Thus far the largest print I have made is 13x19 and depending on the subject, paper and one's expectations they look pretty good. Several of my friends who saw the prints were surprised the images were taken with such "low res" digital cameras. I only have an Epson P800 so the largest print I can make would be 17 inches wide. I've actually never considered pushing my sub-8mp images that far for printing.

How did this turn out for the 6mp 20x30 inch print you made? Were you happy with it? Was your client happy with it?

Like you I'm an amateur (recently retired at 67). I hope I will still be taking photos and most importantly for me, making prints when I am 84.



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Interested in how it went. Images are pretty robust to large prints. It is kind of amazing what these old cameras can do. Remember when 6MP was the cat's meow?


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For me, I found that older sub 12 MP digital files usually printed out large best on canvas -- it's pretty forgiving with detail due to the texture yet renders color exceptionally well. YMMV...


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The print was fine and the buyer liked it! Sorry for the late reply....I just saw this.

Jorgen Udvang

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Good to hear that it went well. In the meantime, Topaz Gigapixel AI has reached a level where one can print more or less any size from more or less any file size. It's a very impressive software.