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Buy only one Wide-Angle-Lens – but which one?


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it should be mentioned that the Rodenstock 32mm is delicate with a copal shutter. My advice would be the the 40mm as mentioned above and it's lighter.
I also heard from a Phase One dealer that the Rodi 32 HR if knocked is prone to misalignment with the Copal shutters. Of course as with everything associated with these precious Copal shutters, which are no longer being made, handle with extreme care.


Hi I am not familiar with the Rodenstock HR Digaron S 4.0/35 mm - but safe to say the following - its is probably lighter than the the 32mm, and the 40mm overshadows it in terms of sharpness. The image circle on the Rodenstock 35m is only 70 so not too much rise and fall or shift, if that is a consideration. The 32mm and 40 both have an image circle of 90, which is nice.


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I have to bring this up again.
The back will be a Hasselblad CFVII50C.

I am about to buy a Rodenstock HR 35mm which allows me a 15mm rise/fall.
It will be similar to my PC 28mm Leica R lens with 10mm shift.

Now I found a Rodenstock HR 28mm with the right mount at a local dealer.

The HR 28mm is discontinued, both are in Copal 0.
How to they compare?
I am shooting landscapes and architecture.
For the landscape the lens should be light and robust.


Or does it make more sense to go with the HR 40mm with a 20mm rise/fall?
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