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Cambo News - Actus G Adapter for Fuji GFX 100

Steve Hendrix

Active member
Just released, the new adapter for the Fuji GFX 100 that allows both horizontal and vertical orientation on the Actus G. Keep in mind that if you already have an Actus G for Fuji GFX and are using your GFX 50S or 50R with it, the GFX 100 can aready mount to this with no changes on your part, but only be available in vertical orientation.

The new adapter adds some additional depth and a front riser so that both vertical and horizontal orientations are in play. This does come at the cost of a bit of flange distance, and we'll be testing to see where that comes into play in terms of lenses being ruled out. But for now, any lenses in the 60mm - 70mm range may be in that zone (Cambo has already established that the Cambo Actar 60 will not achieve infinity focus with the new adapter).

So the takeaway - if you have an Actus G and are using it with Fuji GFX 50S or 50R already, you'll be able to begin using the GFX 100 right away (in vertical orientation). You can also add the dedicated GFX 100 adapter and enable horizontal (though at the cost of that bit of flange distance). But you have the freedom then of going back and forth, depending on which lens or orientation is dictated by your frame.

We're looking forward to getting our Fuji GFX 100 demo unit the week after June 27th and will have some hands on reports with this combination and various lenses.

Cost is $395 for the adapter, and we are accepting orders now.

Steve Hendrix/CI


Well-known member
Steve..... if the final product is going to mimic the prototype pictured then my 72mm Digitar will not be able to reach infinity. That is a nogo for me. The height difference between the 50s and the '100' is 1.96 inches. If I add that to the bottom of the 50s and raise the rear standard 10mm I will probably be able to have around 7mm worth of rise..... again pretty much a nogo for me.

All of this is more than a little disappointing.


Edit: The above scenario assumes that there is no 'L Bracket' attached to the camera. If an 'L Bracket' is attached then there will probably be no room for any rise in Portrait position.
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