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Cambo Wide DS Serviced - Excellent Results!

Chris Ireland at Direct Digital Imaging in the UK arranged for my Wide DS and Shneider 24XL and 35XL lenses to be sent to Cambo for a service. The whole camera needed a bit of TLC and the lenses were producing some strange results - the 24 was soft on one side and the 35 was ghosting badly around highlights.

The service has transformed it - all the movements on the camera are smooth now (there was some play in the shift knobs before) and, most importantly, the lenses are producing perfect results. I am blown away by how much better the images are since the service.

So, if your Cambo is old or the lenses are a bit off, get it serviced - it's well worth it!

Don Libby

Well-known member
How long was the turn around time? I understand it normally takes 3-weeks to get a lens retrofitted to t/s just wonder the time involved for what you had done.

Took about 2 weeks including shipping which I think was pretty good. Bear in mind I'm about 150 miles across the water from Holland so the deliveries were overnight.


New member
I have had some small and major issues with their products and each time, with consistency of service excellency!
Hi Peter

Through my dealer, the total for the service of two lenses (including one replacement lens board), and the Wide DS was £500. Considering the difference it made to the image quality, it was worth every penny.